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Pyro Stick:

So if GW discontinue their Inks i wont be able to paint any of my armies. Thats a 3000 point TK army and 2000 point CD army that will be left unfinished. Ive been trying to find another source of inks that are practically citadel inks under a different name because i specifically need Chestnut Ink, Brown Ink, Flesh Wash and Black Ink. Does anyone know of a place that sells inks exaclty the same or very similar to citadel inks?


Was Vallejo no good the comparison chart looked good on there site :hat

Pyro Stick:

It didnt look like they had any inks though.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Black ink shouldn’t be a problem, brwon shouldn’t be too difficult. I would guess it’s a case of finding the right shades of brown for chestnut and flesh wash.

Pyro Stick:

Black ink shouldn't be a problem, brwon shouldn't be too difficult. I would guess it's a case of finding the right shades of brown for chestnut and flesh wash.

Hashut's Blessing
Thats what i was thinking cause i would never be able to work out the correct colour mixture to water down to make them


I’ve read that the inks and so on won’t be removed until next year, so you’ve still got time to stock up.

The manufacturer of GW’s old line of paints and inks is Coat D’Arms ( http://www.gladiator.clara.net/coatd.htm ). I personally prefer (and still own) a lot of the paints from the old range, not least because they don’t dry up on you even when you don’t open them.


Pyro Stick:

Nice one. They have all the inks that i should need. Thanks

Ink wash - Flesh

Ink wash - Brown

Ink wash - Chestnut

Cant find black ink but that should be available at all art stores.


where did you hear GW is discontinueing inks?

Pyro Stick:

In the soon to be discontinued paints thread.


There was a thread on Warseer about paints soon to be discontinued.

Kera foehunter:

i didn’t think gw paint where all that. It seam when other co. now started washes and ink gw decides to stop that funny.


The trouble is that most people start off buyng GW paints, start an army and keep using the same paints. Then when they start a new force they already have all those GW paints so the cycle continues

Kera foehunter:

Well i went to local store yesterday and next to the gw paints there a new line of paints and inks that came out. They have all the inks. Forgive me i alread for got the name .But anyway they are a plain bottle and lable.