[Archive] Baggronor's Chaos Dwarf Army Gallery!


Behold! Baggronor’s Gallery is here at last! I was lucky enough to come across his work on another forum! Here’s how it went down.

Hi man! You have an incredible army of Chaos Dwarfs. After seeing it on The Warhammer Forum, here:: http://warhammer.org.uk/PhP/viewtopic.php?t=38624&highlight=chaos+dwarfs …I thought I should contact you.

I’d love to feature some pictures of your army on my website:
Chaos Dwarf Gallery - Battle Standard Bearer - Chaos Dwarfs Online

I’d also love you to join the site’s forum! I am sure everyone there would love to see some close up pictures of your work!

Thanks for reading,

Xander - Feb 29, 2008 -
Mr. Baggronor was kind enough to reply!

I’m on there as Baggronor :slight_smile:

I will be taking some new photos, probably on
Thursday, as my evil stunties will be taking a
backseat while my Vampires test out their new book (I
know I know, but I’ve been using Chaos Dwarfs solidly
for 2 years now and my skellies feel neglected.) I
have a few repairs that need to be done, as 2 of them
have taken damage from assorted retards at tournaments
etc but I should have some new pics done soon. If you
want, I can bung some photos of my Samurai-themed
Undead on the site too.

As an aside, I’m also an illustrator and was wondering
if you guys are after any artwork? I can do the whole
GW style thing in inks and paints :slight_smile: Its just great to
see people who keep collecting an army they love even
after its effectively been disowned by GW.



Baggronor - Feb 29, 2008-
5 months and 9 days later, at last! His showcase is in the gallery! n.n; But it was worth the wait! Be sure to check it out! As you may know Bagg even contributed to the Word of Hashut magazine with his amazing illustrative talents as well! Overall, a very worthy inductee, I think you’ll agree!

So yay for Baggronor, and yay for Xander! (I finally got it online) More armies and features to come, stay tuned!

Have a great weekend everyone!


jaw drops to the floor

Bagg! those are phenomenal! holy moley! fantastic work, it’s great to see it up in our gallery as well. Your painting is very clean, smooth and refined looking; also, your metallics look extra shiny! I like it :wink:

Great work!


Those look very good mate! You have your own distinctive style and I hope to see many more of your stuff in the future!!!:hat off

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Yay, some really great stuff!! Love the new Earthshaker crewman and the greens.


realy cool stuff, hope you will make some more of those evil stunnies

Hashut’s Blessing:

About time, Mr. Xander! Excellent and top notch, Baggronor! Well earnt, getting up there :wink: Even if it took longer than you deserved, he he he.


Cheers guys :cheers

Just one thing, the Immortals are Dwarf warrior/longbeard box set conversions, not BFSP, just to avoid confusion :slight_smile:


Excellent modern take on the chaos dwarfs those dreads work really well.

The greens are amazing great to see them and get an insight to how the beard protection and plate look fantastically clean:hat


That showcase army medal is fully earns IMHO.

Ghrask Dragh:

Agreed, well deserved!! :hat off

That Anvil of Doom is something else :cheers


The Tzeentch army is the best one imo, a real masterpiece, closely followed by the CD one.

Lord Archaon:

Fantastic work Baggronor! But we want to see more chaos dwarfs! :wink:

We’ll be waiting for the Dawicopter and Chaos Dwarf Bersekers.:wink: