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baba yaga:

I want to covert a balrog into a taurus, or at least into a mount for my general and use it as a taurus.

I allready assembled my balrog it is one meanlooking model, I tried using a minautaur head but this din’t work the head looks ridiculous.

Any bright ideas???

a model to use as the basis for the rider???

thanks for your input

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Quite frankly, I can’t think of any way how the Balrog could be turned into a mount.

The model is just too humanoid-shaped and believable mounts are always quadrupeds.


I’d say it could be done but it would require a lot of GS skill and I’d imagine that it’d be quite tedious.


New head would be a must (try WFB daemon princes). Get rid of the weapons and make it look more like it races along on all fours when on the ground. Other than that I can’t think of anything as its not really a model i’d use for this. The only other thing to do would be to simply make it into a Daemon Prince of Hashut, which “counts as” a lord on Taurus/sorcerer on Lamassu. You could count the lord as a combination of magic weapon (It breaks if the Lord loses all his wounds, represents lords attacks) and Talisman (boosting strength and intelligence, represents lords Ld/magical abilities and explains need to roll on monster reaction table). If you don’t like the separate creatures as one model idea, just use it as a huge bull centaur lord rules wise and stick with the Daemon Prince concept


I think AGPO’s idea is a good one as far as the Deamon Prince of Hashut bit goes. However, if that idea doesn’t work I don’t think a mount has to go on all fours. Think of gnarlocs for example. What needs to be done to make the balrog more bestial would be to hunch it over a bit. Maybe shorten its legs or sculpt them into a crouch.

I was thinking also that the rider could be tucked under the balrog’s empty arm in lieu of trying to work around the flames on its back. Maybe put some chains on the wrists and ankles, and the balrog becomes a faithful daemon steed, cradling its master towards victory via its loving embrace! Maybe it could coo or make gerbil noises or something too :slight_smile: .


its been proposed before… by strv on HoH… in this thread

i think the idea has merit…


Manticore head? (just a sugestion)


I think the head he has is perfectly suitable, the horns are great on it.


Now I see the pic I agree, it could take a rider


hey cool… this is my plan… as a pic! ^^

i want to build a balrog-taurus, too… just a little different…