[Archive] banned at the demonic legion for having good discussions?


I just had my account banned from the Daemonic Legion forums by one “Qrabb”, for having a long civilized intellectual debate on the dramatic benefits to health, crime reduction, and economy that the legalization of all drugs worldwide would cause. Whether you agree with that or not is not the issue. One of their moderators literally ended the thread with an insult calling me naive, claimed I had trolled (despite my own, and several other posters making it extremely clear that there was to be no trolling or insults so that we could keep the subject open!), then closed the topic (which posters on BOTH sides had clearly felt was worth a lengthy and civil discussion), and then banned my entire account!

Now I could easily make another account so that I can share the progress and completion of my full mono-god daemon armies of all 6 known chaos gods (this includes the horned rat & HASHUT), but why in the hell would I want to give them something to enjoy after that! Although I think it’s safe to say that my banning was likely entirely the result of a moderator who was totally out of hand… so why punish the whole community for 1 human’s actions.

My only points by bringing all this up is that I encourage you to read our entire debate as I think it was extremely productive and enlightening. I think it is important for every single possible flaw and problem that could result from legalizing drugs be addressed (by comparing it to the scope of the problem as it is now, and how it could be addressed better/alternatively). Many people brought up their concerns and sure it may have made them a little passionate, but shouldn’t an important debate/discussion do that? (although yeah i know a discussion on a warhammer forum may be hardly that important… why belittle the importance of our discussions?)

While for the record I do agree that the moderators on this forum were only trying to keep things friendly in some (passionate?) debating we had previously on this forum… I think it’s worth showing how moderator powers can in fact be abused… In this case a moderator didn’t share the same political or ideological beliefs as a person who took a long time to respond in detail to everyone’s opinions and concerns (and respectfully too!), and decided that was a good enough reason to ban them! (and insult them before doing it too! haha)

For anyone who gives a crap, since people on both sides of the arguement took a lot of time to discuss this subject from all sides and cover every possible hole…

Here is the thread, from the off topic section of the Daemonic Legion forum http://z7.invisionfree.com/wyrmling_x/index.php?showtopic=5857&st=0

Try not to be dissuade that the conversation evolved from a previous discussion on gun control that was closed prematurely for god knows what reason…

If you have no interest in this. Then there’s no reason to post. I’m not bitching, I just wanted to share information. I’m not whining, I really could care less if a warhammer forum wants my presence (although I treasure this one a good bit :slight_smile: ). Let’s not start some crap fight about how I deserved to be banned or some actual troll flame war garbage. If you want to be a part of the discussion or have your own concerns with the subjects in the thread, then I’m totally cool with talking about them here… however if it would piss moderators off and just get cut off prematurely… i’m not intrested.

Probably no ones going to read this now because of how immensely long it is…


p.s. yes, I know you participated in the conversation servius, so don’t try and say that i said anything disrespectful to anyone. you were the only person who said something that could be taken as a personal insult and several people were quick to point out that it could destroy the debate. but i completely forgive you because i know you didn’t mean it. you were just being passionate. this is not a personal insult or attack against you



this is my personal opinion - I think this sort of think whilst very worhwhile of discussion is not suited to forums related to warhammer - I come here (and other warhammer forums) to discuss toy soldiers (read escapism) and not to discuss real world issues.

I think getting banned seems a bit harsh at first glance - however I dont know (and have no wish to get involved in) the specifics so cant really comment further.


This is a forum for Chaos Dwarfs in a fantasy world made by Games Workshop… If you want to tell ppl your opinions on drugs, political views or stuff like that. Im sure there are much better places than here, mainly because Im rather sure you wont turn anybodys opinions with a post here, but most becaseu I cant see anything good comming from a topic like this…


Think i agree with what Ubertechie and Tjub have said here .The problem with discussions of real life issues that are likely to become heated is they will cause problems.

I would class the following as delicate topics best limited on CDO and therefore not appropiate.





Their are other forums we can explore these interests fully.These subjects can harm a warhammer site immensely even to the point of destuction best not go there;)

It is unfortunate you were banned particularily if they didn’t communicate with you regarding the issue to make there position clear

Now to read the thread being pro nature and anti pharma:D


Here’s the thing…

Politics, Religion, and in a smaller part, race and creed are touchy subjects. Most forums just outright say, don’t mention or get banned.

If you have a beef with someone on another forum, at least have the courtesy to take that beef up with them, don’t smear them on another forum where they can’t defend themselves. That’s bush league.

If you like to debate things, I know there are forums that like that sort of stuff. Jump on those and vent to your hearts content.


I’d add computer platform and MP3 players to that list THT; some of the most vicious fights I’ve ever seen revolve around those.

I’m not going to comment on the actions of the Daemonic Legion’s staff it is not my place to do so. Their forum, their rules, you either except them or you don’t.

You’ll find that here and and Dogs of War Online generally the most open forums you could ask for, within reason.

I will also add that if you have an issue with the forum take it up with the staff there. If you have an issue with a Mod take it to an Admin.


I'd add computer platform and MP3 players to that list THT; some of the most vicious fights I've ever seen revolve around those.

You are right, I was being too general. You should see the arguements involving, skype vs ventrilo vs team speak as well.

But I digress. Look, I know I'm an opinionated, straight-talking, no beating around the bush kinda guy. I'm too old to play the 'dance around the issue' game. so, I speak my mind and soemtimes, like in a certain well known post, I step in a pile of it. That's what happens when you shoot your mouth off. I shot mine off and now, there's a huge maelstrom created because of it.


There are all sorts of political websites where you can debate and philosophize. I am not saying we restrict such topcis here, but in general, why bother? Che, you must know that you take your topics way too far! You complain about Free Speech everywhere you go. This is still the internet, say your opinion sure. But don’t engage in a trolling war. Just giving the last word on something doesn’t make you win. If you can’t convince people with your arguments, move on. But don’t beat a dead horse over and over again with a shovel and expect no one to relieve you of your shovel. :stuck_out_tongue:


On a couple of boards I’m on they have Off-Topic discussion areas where nearly anything goes (heck one even allows swearing.) I’ve been in long discussions about politics, the US Constitution, The 2nd Amendment, Legalized Drugs, Etc on these boards and the admins never even considered banning anyone. They believed that it was properly put in an area that was for use of topics not acceptable in any other part of the site. But the admins on those sites are well know supporters of freedom of speach.

It sounds like the one that banned you was on a power trip.


Che: I’m a history and political science double major and I love discussing these things… but not here. You can see me with my friends sitting back and discussing, we have different views and we get along just fine. Part of the reason we can get along easily as when you’re in person it is easier to register the mood and intent of statements and therefore easier to understand it’s a friendly little discussion. The internet makes this much harder.

As others have said I come here for escapism. I want to be thinking about the malevolent little chaos stunties and their diabolical plans and to satisfy the inner tyrant we all secretly have within us. It’s very relaxing for me. Getting into heated debates here is the very last thing I’d want.

It’s one thing if a discussion comes up because of current events and such, but creating threads just to debate isn’t so understandable for me… unless there’s a sub-forum dedicated to debates. If there is such a sub-forum by all means go for it. Otherwise it comes across as being a rabble rouser, regardless if that is true or not… that is the perception.


You know I put a long post about why i thought you got banned and your misperceived “rights” on the internet… Really, Its not worth it to me to even keep it up here. Ill put my personal opinion of you instead.

Your a Troll. Your only post about these topics to cause people to argue. You know where its going in the beginning and you make sure to keep the bellows handy to keep the flames running. What you offer in the respect of your armies and warhammer knowledge doesnt make up for posting this swill you normally do. Your Dispel Dice conversation was fine… but talking about how much you hate the government and the majority view shows that you don’t care about others opinions.

All I can say is this. If I start seeing those political/social charged conversations on CDO like you were doing at Daemonic Legion… I’m gone. Same as I did with Daemonic Legion.

BTW. I messaged the DL staff that I was leaving their site over your swill… They basically told me ok… sorry to see you go… but you were pending a suspension either way for the rude comment :slight_smile: so you don’t think some crazy injustice was done to you… You deserved your ban.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

WOW Servius! If Che’s posts upset you this much, why not avoid them? No use in leaving Fourms just because of 1 or 2 people.

As for Che…yeah, certain things shouldn’t be discussed on fourms such as these. Talk about legalizing drugs in a fourm that’s pretty much designed for kids and young teens isn’t a Kool place for such conversations. That’s not what we’re about.


When I read all the threads and posts with and about Che I come to the conclusion that all the discussions and the anger are complete senseless … rather needless!!!

I believe Che should write what he wants and you/we should ignore it, but don´t discuss with him!

He isn´t able to end a discussion with a compromise or just with a: “O.k. your arguments sound right I will think about it!” …no he always must to have right!

In my opinion this is part of his personality … don´t know why and it´s not important for me!

But topics about drugs, politics and so on do not belong in this forum!!! And much more important that just because of such an ignorant and intolerant guy (Che) I don´t want that tolerant and pleasent people as Servius and may be others will leave that forum.

In my opinion too many people left CDO in the last time!

I hope despite my basic vocabulary you can understand my intention! I just want to pass an enjoyable time with pleasent and nice people in this forum!

So that´s my opinion and with this statement I will end this discussion for myself!



well im not kidding… Reading his stuff litterly makes me sick… its viral to me… and its not the subject but how he posed his arguments. Really, I don’t post much here anyway… I wouldn’t “leave” the site completely… I would still keep in contact and assist in what i could with the WoH but otherwise i would take a step back… I dont come to warhammer boards to talk about politics or social issues… Thats what places like the Politico are for. :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

but talking about how much you hate the government and the majority view shows that you don't care about others opinions.

No it doesn't - it just shows he has a certain viewpoint. I don't care if we have political discussions around here: I can hold my own, but this isn't the place I choose to have discussions like that normally and I'd probably stay out of anything going on around here because this just isn't the place for that aspect of my views. This is where I do Warhammer, not where I do politics.

That said though, if a discussion is already happening and everyone is being civil, having an interesting conversation and no forum rules are being broken, closing it abruptly and banning one of the posters involved just because it could potentially become heated, or because one of the moderators or admins disagrees with some of the views being expressed is a shame. I would like to think that most Warhammer forums thrive based on the communities they forge between members. If people want to be friends with the other people on a forum (with all that that entails) then staff members would do well not to go 'round banning them for talking about more than Warhammer.


People who think they are always right really annoy us who really are. :slight_smile: :hat :hat off


I think this has run it’s course. What happens on another forums board is something I cannot control. Also I expect that those that have issues outside of CDO keep them just that, outside of CDO.