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Hey guys! I’m almost finished painting my chaos dwarfs army for my big tourny in quebec city in march and I think just little bullheads from the FW is not enough for a banner.

So i’m looking for any ideas, example of what I could do or Use. I’ll be making 3 :

1. Blunderbuss

2. BSb

3. Bulls

It can be funny or serious, but it won’t be freehand because im terribad at painting. Im thinking of making some or finding some then print them.

Have at it!

Sneak peak :

Cornixt Edit: Resized picture


The pic is to big, I can’t see sh…t;)



If you want the classics, I recently redrew them and put them in printquality on the wiki


Thats better, a bit blurry but your army looks very from what I can see.

Malorndk makes some amazing banners, just pic and choose!!


Yes, MalornDK’s standards are fantastic. Check them out. :slight_smile: