[Archive] Baseplate to FW DS Rocket


Take away the “rocket” (if you can call it that).

Or hell, leave it there. Show the above picture to 100 people who haven’t been told what it is, and I bet you not one of them will have a damn clue that it is supposed to be a rocket launcher.

Total conceptual fail.


I do agree with GodHead, the FW death rocket is the most dissapointing new warmachine. Well, you had the possibility to build an huge rocket to terrorize your enemy and you end with.... this?!?! Pleeeeease :)

Tbh I think it's supposed to be the sound that's terrifying, I doubt many of its victims get the chance to get a good look at it before it explodes, it could look like hello kitty and would still serve its purpose.

Ugly Green Trog
A real dwarf loves big, enormous war machines. That's a why a big rocket is cool! Think about a balance for a phisical complex ;)

Well, from an hobbist perspective I think aesthetics are really important and a big rocket is cooler than the FW pineapple launcher :D


It should have been done V2 style! :smiley:


I like V1’s better.