[Archive] Basic Basing Tutorial

Blue in VT:

Howdy all,

Some of the lads over on Bugman’s requested that I put together a quick how-to on my basing system. I managed to take some good pictures of the process last week and have put together a walk through that is up on my Blog:


Teaser shot of the finished figure:




Many thanks for putting this blog together :slight_smile:

I really appreciate it.


Wow, thats a lot of love in just the base. Thanx for the tutorial (:


Great tutorial! And great miniatures… :slight_smile:

Blue in VT:

Wow, thats a lot of love in just the base. Thanx for the tutorial (:

You know when its written out it looks really long and complicated but it goes pretty quickly...typically I work in groups of five...and by the time I've applied a coating to the 5th model the 1st one is dry and ready for the next step...so it just kind of rolls along. In a pinch I've even used a hair drier to speed the drying of the glue and wash phases....that really moves things along.\



Really nice tutorial over there on your Blog. I can see how it appears long, but by the time you come around the first figure again, all the previous steps have dried, and makes the whole process run smoothly. Great write-up.

I found it interesting that one your VMC paint pots doesn’t have a name or number on it.


Do so love it, very concise. Have saved it as a favourite. Getting things flowing is a good thing, I keep ending up so disjointed from interruptions it gets disheartening.