[Archive] Basic troop (figure wise): Best and Worst?


I’ll give a rundown of the base fundamental “trooper” for each army… what I’m wondering what you think is the best of them, and the worst of them using the current range.

High Elves: Basic Warrior (Spear)

Dark Elves: Basic Warrior (Spear)

Wood Elves: Glade Guard or Eternal Guard

Beasts of Chaos: Gors/Ungors

Dwarfs: Warrior (Hw/Sh)

Empire (State Troops)

Chaos Mortals/Warriors of Chaos: Marauder/Chaos Warrior

Lizarmen: Saurus Warrior

Ogre Kingdoms: Ogre Bull

Orcs and Gobbos: Orc Boy

Skaven: Clanrat

Tom Kings: Skeleton

VC: Skeleton/Zombie

I’m not listing Demons here due to the division between the Gods… so “non-Demonic” might be a more apt name.


Make this a poll.

1 vote for Gors/Ungors

Kera foehunter:

i say dwarfs !!! they are the best looking too GO DWARFS YEA!!!

Lord Archaon:

I vote for Chaos Warriors.

Ghrask Dragh:

Wow I didn’t realise how many basic troop miniatures I dislike :frowning:

Best I would say are… new VC skellies!

Worst are… Dark Elves, I can think of a few worse miniatures but I have to go with Dark Elves because they have just had loads of really good looking new models but no warriors, so these guys now really suck when lined up along side all these new designs, why do GW do it? :~

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

well worst looking DE no doupt about it :frowning:

but stats wise i’d say LM if they were droped in price :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

i say the worst is the tomb kings skelliton warrior they don’t have the guts to fight!!!


I’d go with the chaos warriors for the win (due to both the esthetics and the ease of ranking the unit up)

and I’d go with either Clanrats or Marauders to be banished to the bog of eternal stench



I do like the Chaos Warriors personally, they’re the reason I tried the Mortals army. Though if I ever go back to Mortals, I’m using my 5th edition ones as they fit better with the current range in my opinion.

I actually like the DE Warriors, compared other basic troops they’re nice in my eyes. Though I do think they require a good paintjob, I will admit that. However, the figure provides enough detail to do so.

Worst: I’m torn between Clanrats and the current Empire State Troops. The Clanrats are just ugly, plain and simple. While the current state troops look like goofy peasants with weapons of ridiculous size, and let’s not mention the feathers! Plus the barefoot guy, Hashut do I hate that. I’m glad I stocked up on my 6th edition Empire state troops. They were so much better, though they do lend themselves to my paint scheme (red/black stripes like the Carroburg greatswords).


1 vote for Gors/Ungors

Ditto. Anything that can move in skirmish formation in Warhammer is very handy indeed (not to mention ambush if they choose to).


Gors are easily the best basic core in terms of gaming. In terms of the models I’d have to say the glade guard are my favorite.

Worst model HAS to be the Saurus. It lacks any dynamism, personality or even basic coolness

zorn sabretooth:

i vote for MARAUDERS!!!


Kera foehunter:

i think chaos warrior have cool boots

but not as cool as dark elves witch boots


Best models, Chaos Warriors.

Best rules-wise, Dwarf warriors. Awesome value.

Worst models, High Elves. Although I would probably always choose High Elves for this category…

Worst rules-wise, Saurus. WS3 makes them so vulnerable, and they’re way too expensive to be practical.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i vote for MARAUDERS!!!!!!

zorn sabretooth
What marauder? There terrible IMO

Ghrask Dragh:

The new Slaanesh plastics are looking better and better, I really didn’t like them when they were first released but seeing what people have done and getting a box myself I have to admit they are fantastic sculpts!!

Worthy of an honourable mention I think! :smiley: