[Archive] basic warrior conversions BFSP


Thought I would share some of my basic stuff:

A Wizard:
Some Warriors:
[attachment=94] [attachment=95] [attachment=96] [attachment=97]

The Flying Beaver:

Using beast masks is something I haven’t seen done before. It’s very interesting.


The wizard is awsome! Where’s the aztek mask from? A lizardman saurus rider champion?


- Kyte


Quite a unique look, I like it :cheers

I assume you made some kind of greenstuff mould or something like it for the masks?



aztec mask is from the cold ones sprue, it goes on top of a lizard dudes head

masks are greenstuff molded from maurader shoulderpad and the skull from maurader banner chopped down. I put a small amount of green in the mold, and pop it out so it is thin much like a mask, let it cure most way so it doesnt warp when I apply it to a chopped dwarf head with more green.


Great sculpting work my friend! Well done, can’t wait for more!


The wizard looks like a crazy lore of metal guy, I like it.

BTW: the marauder standard top masks… idea stolen.


they look cool,just curious will you be going with the traditional colour sceme or giving them a kind of aztec look?


Yeah great work, that wizard looks savage!


pretty standard color scheme, bronze mask and trim, silver armor and blades, all very dark so I may need to go bright on the beards and basing to add some pop.


Sounds cool. Should be fun to see!


Hashut takes many forms:hashut

Love you greenstuff work. Well done:hat off��- so please give us more