[Archive] Basing Rules Question


I’m looking to play some WFB 8th games in the near future & was curious about the restrictions on basing minis, specifically Hobgobs.

The Hobs I used for 2nd & 3rd ed are set on 25mm, per those rules sets, & I know the Perry models are all on 20mm. Is there flexibility on base size or any advantage to being on a smaller base?

I’m not really keen on rebasing everything & some of the Lund Hobgobs are a bit big for 20mm.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I think you’ll find some folks irritated by the difference. I know it sucks but you should rebase them on 20mm bases.

Grimbold Blackhammer

Da Crusha:

advantage to being on a smaller base is smaller footprint. less likely to be hit by template. less cc attacks from your opponents and more attacks from you. more maneuverability.

but most importantly they should be rebased because 20mm is the correct size.


If you’re not going to tournaments, probably not many people will care. I’d personally quite enjoy seeing an opponent with models on bases that are too large, because it will give him a disadvantage (less attacks over the same frontage, primarily). So you should only bother rebasing if you particularly want to avoid that disadvantage.

If you are going to tournaments, then yeah, you’ll need to rebase.