[Archive] basis for great taurus or lamassu




would be a shame to waste the bull head though!


Seems pretty nice. The scar adds a lot of character.


Seems pretty nice. The scar adds a lot of character.

The front man-hands may not be great for a great taurus but i think slap an ogre head based lamassu head and wings on will be good.


Ok I have ordered a RH Manticore for the lammasu head for this guy, anyone know of a good set of feathered wings to fit it?
edit: settled for chaos manticore wings.


I have him too :slight_smile: Mine will be a Lammassu (after much deliberation, I decided the top half being humannoid could look really cool).


Yes i think it will look good!


I don’t know if anyone else out there has seen this model from Sphere Wars, but I just had to post this because it’s my new inspiration for an alternate Bale Taurus/Great Taurus model.

Can’t wait to get my hands on it once it arrives!

It’s called Hombre Toro, fittingly so…


Cockatrice wings would look great on this, pity they arent available seperate.


Nice find Animatone. I think it really fits with the realistic sculpting evidenced on the current bale taurus. My only concern is that its a tad on a small size if he model comparison is anything to go by.

May work as a Great Taurus but its too small to be a Bale Taurus in my view.


Thanks… that’s a good picture! We’ll see once it arrives.


Seems to be a nice taurus.

@Animatone: The link you posted is the exact same beast as in the first post haha.


for £30 i would just buy a finecast one but thats just me…


At first I thought this was meant to be a bull mini, but after looking at him for a few and noticing how his front and rear legs looked…different…I see why they call him a man-bull. I assume that the human warrior in the picture is for scale?


LOL no wonder I couldn’t find a thread with this model in it, I was searching for Destroyer model substitutes and everyone here wants to use it for a Taurus…

@Animatone - So how is it, can we get any work in progress or completed pics, would love some scale pics for sure.


Da Crusha:

I noticed some one used him as a lammasu body and used the Raging Heroes head on it. it looked great.


Ooo, I bet that would look good. Big models like this make me sad I sold my airbrush when I moved earlier this year… might be time to ask the wife for an early birthday present again lol…


Any chance of a comparsion shot from somebody that has it? Could it be feasibly used as a destroyer? (Guessing not).


This thing is pretty awesome. Might have to look into this one. :slight_smile:


Here is how the conversion is going by the way, i’ll do some more conversion work when my forgeworld order finally arrives with the bale taurus.

I am still tossing up whether to mount a metal gw sorceror pilot on the lammasu, or do a magnetization to use Drazhoath on either this or cinderbreath.
I think it’s much more suitable to being a lammassu than a great taurus, due to the half human physique on the front end, and the half-human hands that end in bull hooves at the front. It’s a great sculpt. It’s a perfect size for Lammasu but onlu about half the size one might expect a destroyer to be- when my bale taurus arrives I will post a comparison pic.


Looks really cool, but I’m guessing too small to be used as a destroyer?