[Archive] Bassman's Dark Elves. Temple of Khaine


This is what I’m doing while waiting for the Golden Hat voting thread!

Banner is not yet done but the rest it is.

They belong to my return to my first love: Real… ehm Dark Elves!

I always loved Cold One Knights. I do have 4th, 6th and 7th Edition ones!

Here I decided to mix my favored knights (6th edition) to my favored Cold Ones (7th edition).

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As you can see I choose a winter theme, Dark Elves are from the North after all (and too much Games of Thrones watching…) :slight_smile:

I gave my knights a nice cloak. It’s cold up there and I think they look more stylish :wink:

Hope you like them.


Very nice, the cloaks give them a nice stylish look and your painting and basing is inspirational



Kera foehunter:


Kera! Do not cry :slight_smile:

I know elves are lame but these are TRUE elves, not the lesser ones that wear azure and white clothes or the tree huggers wearing green!

These have style! :smiley:

I have to admit Dark Elves have been my first army ever in the Warhammer world!

So they need an updated version.


Being a DE player, I love the combination of the new cold one and the “old” knight… Brilliant idea!!! Ands the painting is superb!!!


Being a DE player, I love the combination of the new could one and the “old” knight… Brilliant idea!!! Ands the painting is superb!!!


OK, the waiting is over but before the Golden hat voting thread come out I was working on this!

I always loved the demigriffon from the Island of Blood set. The only problem is that he is ridden by a lesser elf! :expressionless:

I noticed that with a few subtle changes I could turn him into a PROPER elf!

So check the Wips of this conversion!

Da Crusha:

nice. the changes are subtle but effective.


NIce work on the use of the 6th knights and 7th cold ones… My brother has a full DE army (unpainted) and i’ve really enjoyed painting some of the models (sea cloaks are awesome). Since he doesn’t play anymore and has never painted, i stopped painting it and focused on my models. A real shame as i too have a soft spot for the DE models except for the metal executioners (the ones with longswords - what a pain to assemble)


Brotsorrow: don’t you like metal executioners, really? There is someone that made these:

:hat off

Wonder who… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ooooh, nice executioner unit,




how did you attach the blade to the hilts? I didn’t find there was enough metal there to pin them together…


Metal? What metal? These are all plastic warriors converted into Executioners! :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Still crying! Where the Witches!! there the only cool thingy of the elves!!
they have Boots :slight_smile:


lol, so they are!!! Nice conversion! I should have noticed right away with sword poses… Have you ever tried assembling the metal ones? Any tips for successful attachment of blade to hilt?


Brotsorrow: sorry but I never touched metal executioners so I can’t help you. I’ve heard of people using glue/green stuff/and glue to glue the blades with a good result.

Kera: I cannot let a girl cry! Here some girls:

My favourite sorceress:

Hag Queen:

Mad Dave:

I see a witch!!! a Witch!! BURN THE WITCH!!

But on a side note really nice figures and paint jobs


Nice dark elves but I must add the tip on how to get a dark elf executioner to hold his blade is to have pins that you can bend post pinning. Usually I heat the pins I use then fix them within the blades and the warriors then the pin after a heat treatment process called anealing can be bent.


I have to say I love the Dark Elf range. It’s one of those armies I’ve always meant to have a go at. The old knights look great on the new Cold Ones, and that classic Witch Elf is a lovely model.