[Archive] battle report 2500p


tournement didnt go well 1 big and 2 small wins 1 draw 2 big loses

mostly do to some serios bad luck in 3 of the games

a battle report from the tournement

game 2 me vs lizards


Chaos Dwarf Lord��@ 443

Black Hammer of Hashut

Armour of the Furnace, Shield��

+ Great Taurus

Bull Centaur Battle Standard @ 175

Battle Standard, Armour of Gazarakh,

sword of might

Sorcerer @ 150

2.level, 2 x Dispel Magic Scroll

Sorcerer @ 125

2.level, Dispel Magic Scroll

25 x Chaos Dwarf Warriors @

������ Standard, Musician, Champion��

10 x Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses @ 120����

10 x Chaos Dwarf Warriors @120

������ Great weapons, Champion


10 x Hobgoblin Wolf Riders @ 150

������ Wolf, Light Armour, Shields

������ Standard, Musician

10 x Hobgoblin arrers��@50

10 x Hobgoblin arrers�� @50

20 x Hobgoblins

���� Light armour, Shields

���� Standard, Musician

2 x��Hobgoblin Bolt Trower @ 60

2 x��Hobgoblin Bolt Trower @ 60


Death Rocket @ 80

25 x Orc Big’Uns @280

���� Shields, Standard, Musician, Boss

6 x Bull Centaurs @ 181

���� Heavy Armour, Great weapons��

���� Standard 15 (War Banner 25) , Musician��15



Slann�� plaque of dominion ?��1, fire, 1,3,4 heavens��:)

2 level skink��?��1,4 heavens

saurus jaguar��gw + 1A

flying skink hero��sword of might +1A

3x 10 skinks

3x swams

2x 4x kroxigor

4x terredon

8x camelon skinks

3x sallies



Turn 1

most of his army move forward krox behind skink screen, sallies on the hill��

magic all dispelled,��camelons kill a few, stegadon miss

hobgobs move away from BC, lord in front of camelons

magic all dispelled, earthshaker hit behind sallies :slight_smile: bolt stega 1 wound, taurus burn all 8 camelons

Turn 2

saurus hero and terradon charge BC+BSB, rest move forward, magic all dispelled, steg 2 wonds on taurus :(��saurus hero challege��5A��3hit 3 wound with S7��:(�� i roll��1,5,6 :hat��terradon kill one BC and get 4 wounds back, teraradon use hit and run rule, saurus flee but i dont get him

BC+BSB charge sallies, big uns also scrubble this turn, wolves scrubble. lord move in cover behind clif, magic all dispelled, earthshaker hit all his line (krox skinks steg all), bolts 1 wound on steg and miss saurus hero, death rocket die from missfire, CC salies get killed����

Turn 3

skink hero charge bolt trower, saurus hero rallies, terredon move forward so do krox and skinks, magic kill some hobgobs CC bolt trower die.

BCs, big uns + blunder stars to move around cliff, wolf turn to face terradons, sorcerer move away from big dwarf unit, fireball on skinks and fireball kill one krox :hashut earthshaker misfire, bolds kill saurus hero and again 1 wound on stegadon.

Turn 4

the 3 krox charge the big dwarf unit, terradons charge bolt trower, he forgot the skink hero, skinks move in front of big uns and BCs, magic/shooting a few deads, CC krox kill 5 and hold, bolt dead,

lord charge 3x krox in flank, BCs charge skinks, wolves charge terradons, magic all dispelled, CC lord 4 wounds krox 2 on dwarf he, roll double 1 :(, skink die but i wont overrun into the cliff, wolf kill terradons, and overrun.����

Turn 5

stegadon charge lord in flank, skink hero charge earthshaker, swarms charge rest of the hobgobs (most have been shoot by magic and skinks) 4 last krox and slan move back.

Magic/shooting a few deads, CC stegadon 1 wound on taurus :slight_smile: lord 3 wounds on krox (had to kill the krox so krox could not kill taurus)

stegadon run and get run down by the taurus lord, earth shaker loses but hold, hobgob die.

Wolves charge skink hero, taurus lord move in cover behind cliff, sorcerer hide behind dwarfs, big dwarf reform and face swarms, rest move to take quarter CC wolves kill skink hero.

Turn 6

Swarms charge big dwarf rest move back

CC dwarf and swarms takes a few wounds.

Move to take quarters

CD 1500

Lizard 600

Yaghnu Nigamwamp:

Great work! Thanks for the report. It is always great to hear the results after watching the list coalesce. :hashut