[Archive] Battle Report: 750 vs OK


absolutely slaughtered an ogre army the other night. he had 4 iron guts, 2 units of 3 bulls, 20 gnoblars, 2 lead belchers, and a bruiser. he deployed poorly, throwing a unit of bulls in a forest, and the leadbelchers behind another forest. i had 2 bolt throwers on a hill, 6 bull centaurs to the left of that, 14 blunderbusses to the right, and 20 warriors to their right. i usually deploy my mage w/ the BBs, but since his shooters werent going to do much i put him on the hill by himself.

he got turn one and advanced. this put him in short range of my bolt throwers. my magic phase say me cast wind of death and dark hand of death on his ironguts, dropping 2 of them. the bolt throwers dropped another one. blunderbuss’s shot and missed.

turn two he did not charge anything, trying to set up for flanks. my bull centaurs charged and butchered the gnoblars, putting me in his backfield. another successful magic phase killed the remaining guts and paniced the bruiser. bolt throwers paniced the unit of bulls on the flank, BBs did nothing again.

his remaining bulls charged and tied combat with my BBs, to which i countered by flanking w/ the warriors. his lead belchers killed some warriors, then died to the bolt throwers. his bruiser failed to rally and got chased down by my bull centaurs. game, set, match.


who won the placements and terrain placement?