[Archive] Battle Report Chaos Dwarfs Ravening Hordes v.s. Tamurkhan


I ran into Falter at a small tournament in Utrecht (Holland) and as its always nice to meet fellow CD players I challenged him for a friendly game.
As Falter plays with the new Tamurkhan list and I have only played the Ravening Hordes list this was the ideal opportunity to do a battle report just like I did back in the 7th ed. (my RH list against Bas_2312’s Indy list)

Here are the armies (my complete list for those interested is attached to this post, not a perfect list but I wanted as much as possible that is so tipical for the RH list. Falters army is a little restricted by his model collection so no Destryer)

And this is the deployment:

The shadow sorcerer got Melkoth’s Mystifying Misama, The Withering, The Penumbral Pendulum and Okkam’s Mindrazor.

The Prophet got Breath of Hatred, Burning Wrath, Ash Storm and Curse of Hashut.

And rolled Dweomer Leach for his Darkforged weapon giving him a +1 to dispel.
The Demon Smith took Fire ball…

Please wait with the replys until I’ve posted all 6 turns are posted.



The ravening Hordes List finished their deployment last but still won the roll for the first turn.

The first roll of the match was the hobgoblins failing their animosity test.

The rest of the army marched forward, on both flanks the centaurs tried to stay out of reach of the renderers.

In the magic phase The shadow sorcerer cast Melkoth’s Mystifying Misama on the Renderes to keep them out of combat as long as possible and them tried The Withering on them as well but that was dispelled by the Prophet using his darkforged weapon.

The shooting phase started very well with a direct hit on the Taur’ruk, his Trickster helmet could not save him and he was turned into a big pudle of goo before he got to do anything. The Hobgoblis saw this and just grinnicked and held their ground. The Earthsaker then also rolled a hit on the 2nd unit of Infernal Guard but thanx to their armour only 2 died. the shock radius of the quake was huge and all the infantry and the Death Shierker was affected.

Then it was time for the Tamurkhan force to take action.

Falters Hobgoblins didnt dare to fight amongst themselves as they were way to close to their masters so his first action was to declare a charge with his Renders it wasn’t the shadow magic that held them back, it was something else completely and the failed their charge miserably.

the rest of the army, quite hindered bu the effect of the Shaker stumbled forward towards the opposite force.

In the magic phase the Shadow Sorcerer was so scared of the possible effect of the Curse of Hashut he let his troops be caught in a Ash Cloud and let the Deamon Smith shoot 6 fire balls at his trusted Centaurs, 2 were killed but the dreaded curse was prevented.

The shooting phase was quite uneventful as the Dread Mortar scattered even with the help of the Demonsmith and the Shrierker couldnt shoot because of the EarthShaker.

End of turn 1, Falter on the left and on the right Bas_2312 who showed up to support the followers of Hashut.

Please wait with the replys until I’ve posted all 6 turns are posted.


As the Hobgoblins decided to behave the army kept marching forward although delayed by the Ash Storm the ravening forces drew closer to their intended targets. On the left the Centaurs, now free of the Taur’ruk Marched up to spitting distance of the Dread Mortar just outside of view of the Hobgoblins. on the right the Centaurs remained stationary and the Blunderbusses marched for another turn to get in to firering distance for the next turn.

In the magic phase the primary target was once again lowering the movement of the Renders, again with success. more was tried but the Prophet denied everything. In the shooting phase 2 more Infernals were killed with the Earthshaker and the radius again was quite effective but alas the Shrierker although in the area of effect was not  troubled.

The Prophet’s force replied with moving his forces into position for the coming battle and the Renders once again failed their charge on the centaurs.

In the magic phase the DSmith was over enthusiastic and tried a  double fireball and promptly got a Miscast. once again 6 flaming projectiles flew towards the centaurs but all that wounded did not get through the armour. and then the DSmith exploded in a huge magical vortex that didnt hit anything. Th prophet tried the Curse again but was once again stopped by the Sorcerer.
The Dread Mortar now without the DSmith proved even more useless and misfired but the Shrierker unaffected by the trembling ground shot at the Black Orcs and killed 4, on normal unit this should have caused quite a panic but the orcs were not impressed. Then in a desperate attempt the Hobgoblins tried to throw some knives at the centaurs but to no effect.

Please wait with the replys until I’ve posted all 6 turns are posted.


It was time for the Shadow sorcerers raving horde to charge so the centaurs, hobgoblins and warriors did just that. for the centaurs this was no problem but the rest even with the help of the Banner of Swiftness failed miserable. The blunderbusses now finally in position moved to maximize their fire zone and the centaurs fearing the Renders moved behind some trees.

The Sorcerer finally managed to cast the Withering on the renders but the Blunderbusses now wounding on a 3 plus still only managed to do one wound. and the Death Rocket and EShaker unfortunately both scattered of the intended target.

Then the Centaurs with a total of 12 S4 attacks failed to kill all the crew of the Mortar so reformed to face the hobgoblins trying not to fail to hard.

after 2 failed attempts to charge the Centaurs the renders opted for a new target… the Blunderbusses, they held their ground and managed to inflict 2 wound just enough to kill one of those bigger meaner Centaurs than they were used to see.
The prophet then focused all his energy on attempting to cancel The withering so the Renders were once again on full fighting capacity and the Blunderbusses didnt stand a chance of wounding them but they themselves were trampled quite easy it was only due to the presence tho the general that they remained in this unfair combat.

The hobgoblins on the other side of the battlefield preformed less well and failed to kill a single Centaur. they in return killed 3 and the remaining crewmember, the hobgoblins saw the made a huge mistake and tried to turn and flee only to be trampled to death. Then finally one centaur tripped when crossing the hedge and broke his neck the remaining 3 almost had a panic attack but held their ground…

The left flank locked in combat…

and the Right flank.

Please wait with the replys until I’ve posted all 6 turns are posted.


It was high time to charge the the warriors did just that. The plan was move the hobgoblins to the flank for a charge in the next turn but as they failed once again their animosity test they charged head on in the Infernal guards. than the warriors almost failed their charge once again  but thanks to the magic of the banner of swiftness they just made it to combat. On the right the centaurs slammed in the side of the renders and on the left the remaining centaurs moved into position to take down the 2nd warmachine.  

(please ignore the charge arrow of he Renders, I forgot to remove it before uploading the pic)

Then in the magic phase the sorcerer tried to show that it unwise of the evil dwarf brethren to abandon the lore of shadow and cast the Withering on smaller unit of Infernal guard lowering their toughness to  that of a pumpkin.

The crew of the Death Rocker saw those sneaky wolfboys get ready for a flank charge so they loaded up an fired, hit and killed 2… the remaining boys panicked and started to flee.

Than it was time for some serious close combat and above all the shouting and clashing of metal the Prophet bellowed a challenge The Ravening Battle standard bearer accepted as he thought a challenge was a great place to avoid multiple opponents. Then the Prophet showed him a a small file of blood, threw it in his face on with the BSB exploded in a burst of blood. both sides took casualties but due to the huge over kill in the challenge the charging horde actually lost the fight… but held their ground thanks to the great leadership of the general.

On the right the Renders won the combat, the Blunderbusses fled but the centaurs bravely held their ground so the renders reformed to face them properly.  

in Tamurkhan turn 4 the fight in the middle continued, the prophet managed to dispel the Withering but still lost the combat, this time it was their turn to held vast and the fight continued.

The Shrieker killed a few more Black orcs

On the right the Renders finished of the Centaurs and reformed to face a new opponent.

The Wolfboys inspired by all this bravery rallied and tuned once again to join the fight.

A close up of the big battle.

Please wait with the replys until I’ve posted all 6 turns are posted.


In ravening Hordes turn 5 the fighting continued. The centaurs from the left charged the last remaining warmachine and the black orc slammed into the Renders.

In the middle combat continued, the Prophet did not allow another attempt of the Withering but the wind of magic blew strong and the Sorcerer slightly over powered then cast Miasma on the Prophet and his unit only to receive a magical feedback that killed 5 of his trusted bodyguard. Many casualties once again felt the warriors failed missrably but the Hobgoblins motivated bu the low weaponskill of the Infernal Guard killed 3 ant the end no unit thought of breaking from this grudge match.
On the right the black orcs opted for greatweapons and with a wooping S7 in the first round did some heavy damage on the Renders But as both sides fought with the slow greatweapons the renders had no trouble to even the combat… for now, but few renders remained.
The Centaurs finished of the Last warmachine and reformed for that final supporting charge.

The blunderbusses who had their share of courage for this battle kept on fleeing towards the earthshaker that just had misfired.

The prophet saw that although it wouldn’t bee soon before his force stopped fighting his units were slowly losing their ranks and thus their fighting capacity. Unable to cancel Misama he successfully cast Ash Storm on the warriors making it harder for them tho see and hit their target. His tactics worked but he should have focused on the Black orcs as they reduced the Reneders to nothing.

Black Orcs v.s. Renders

A few more casualties and Falters force is finally all painted.


The now not so very huge combat in the middle still kept going, The hobgoblins kept doing their part and the Infernal Guards kept failing those Blackshard saves they shoudnt. As the supporting Infernals were down to just the last 4 the supporting charge of the centaurs was on the Prophets unit and although the toughness of the Infernals was less tan none they failed to do as much damage as the Hobgoblins. at the ens of the combat the supporting unit was reduced to just the banner, who should have broken and fled but remained in the fight and died. The prophet and his bodyguard still kept on fighting.

On the right the Black Orcs faced the wolfboys and at the edge of the field the last few blunderbusses finally rallied.

In a final attempt to save the day the Prophet challenged the Sorcerer  who accepted. he then successfully cast hatred on himself and his unit but it was not enough to kill his opponent of win the combat. his unit did finish off the last few centaurs on their flank but in the end realized the fight was lost and they tried to flee… only to be over run by their evil bretheren.

(please ignore the pop up unit in the top right corner, its very dead and shouldn’t be there.)

The wolfboys who already knew their changes to survive were slim opted to run past the Black orcs, knowing that they could never take them in combat.

With this the battle was over and although the ravening Horde had won this time both generals were not convinced it was the better of the 2, today it was the more lucky one and once all wound have been healed this should be fought over once again.

(Please note that I did make a few errors in the recording for the complete battle, its hard to keep all the facts straight when you are also trying to play a fun battle. But as history is written by the victor I can only say this is a very good impression of all that happened today.)


So and that is that, I had forgotten how freaking much work it is to write up a report like this along with the maps and pictures so I do hope many of you like it. (And sorry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes that I know that are in there, besides not being English I also enjoy a bit of dyslexia.)

Looking back I know I made some mistakes, bringing the Blunderbusses was completely useless but I thought it fun to field them. Oh and I kept making panic tests for my Black orcs but in the new list the are Immune so luckily I havent failed one of those rolls. Oh and never ever accept a challenge with a Prophet if you have a 1+ armour save, losing my BSB so early in the game can be so game changing.

Oh for more pics of Felters army his blog is here.. (My blog is here and yes I know I should be updating again.)

Da Crusha:

ohhhh, very cool, I’m excited read it!

Da Crusha:

very cool battle report. thanks for going the extra mile with pics and diagrams, I really enjoyed it. unfortunately the legions of astragoth were able to defeat the legion of Drazhoeth the Ashen. Bitter rivals they are. you may have won the battle but you won’t win the war!


Thanx, Making those diagrams was oodles of fun and luckily I still had the file from last time so it was less work.


It was a very fun battle to watch. It made me want to dust off my Chaos Dwarfs and update them to Tamurkhan!

Now lets hope I can get you to do one of these battle reports vs my Halflings ;p


Go dust of those evil dwarfs!! (and never talk to me about Tombkings again until I’ve seen you play a Tamurkhan list!!!)

A Battle report v.s. your Halflings should be fun, I need to update to Tamurkhan too before that. But thats only a Hellcannon and a destroyer away so that sounds very Two-Thousand-and-Twelveish…