[Archive] Battle Report: Chaos Dwarfs vs Wood Elves� � 2000 point battle 11/20/10


After the debacle of Chundar�?Ts Wood where the expeditionary Chaos Dwarf force was surprised by those sneaky tree-loving wood elves and destroyed, the great Gr�?Tackatoa decided to send a larger force to purge the forests of the elven scourge.  He entrusted  Daemonsmith Doublegasp Crazyslasher with command of an ample force which should be strong enough to run the long legged, pointy eared creatures out of the forests so that the timber could at least be harvested.  Along with Doublegasp, Slayblade Fireheart the Sorcerer Lord and Thrulgok Irontooth the Battle Banner wielder would lead the Dawi Zharr for vengeance.  The sole survivors of the previous force, lead by champion Oberunk Longhorn, were to accompany the new army in order to locate and root out the wood elves and their kin.  Doublegasp chose to bring 2 Daemon Eaters, a Deathrocket, a Kollosus Daemontower, 15 warriors with great weapons and 20 warriors with hand weapons and shields with their associated eruption guns.  

They marched toward Chundar�?Ts Wood and came upon the arranged Wood Elf force at boardan�?Ts bend in Coatam Stream.  The Wood Elf scouts had spotted the Dawi Zharr approach and had alerted the Highborn Lord Eidolas of the impending attack.  Eidolas called forth The Spellsinger Arya, Rodjan the Wardancer Nobel (Felix,Female Dwarf, Gotrex respectively) , 15 Wardancers (Dwarf Slayers), 9 Glade Guard with a Lord�?Ts Bowman (Dwarf Pirates), 4 War Hawks (Ogres), 18 Eternal Guard (Dwarf Warriors), 9 Waywatchers with a Shadow Sentinel (Dwarf Thunderers), 10 Dryads (Orcs) and a Mighty Treeman (Treeman) to stave off the attack.

The two forces align for battle and begin to move toward each other: one, intent on genocide, the other, on survival.

The Waywatchers get ready to attack:

Wood Elf Turn 1

The Wood Elves advance.  The Treeman marches forward.  The Waywatchers leap from their hiding place behind a giant rock formation, The Dryads and Eternal Guards march into the forests, The Warhawks fly toward the Deathrocket, the Glade Guard move into firing position as well.  Arya attempts to cast her spells but both are dispelled.  The Warhawk riders and Glade Guard unleash a flurry of arrows that, for the most part, bounce harmlessly off the DeathRocket�?Ts hardened carapace.  One arrow finds a chink in a crewmember�?Ts armor and he falls from the hillside, the first casualty of the day.  On the opposite side of the battlefield, the Waywatchers launch a storm of arrows at the Daemoneater to no effect.

The Wood Elves advance through the woods:

The Waywatchers fire!

Chaos Dwarf Turn 1

The Chaos Dwarf army advances.  All units march forward, except the Eruption guns and the Deathrocket.  Doublegasp summons the bound spell from his sword and applies a Shade of Death around the Warriors with great weapons.  Slayblade hurls a flaming head into the woods killing 1 Dryad and 1 Wardancer but neither unit is affected by panic and so with hardening resolve both units continue to move through the trees.  The Eruption guns explode their volleys of daemon infused shrapnel out toward the Waywatchers and Glade Guard.  The Glade Guard prove out of range, but 2 Waywatchers fall to the attack.  The Deathrocket decides to buck off its handlers and instead charges forward towards the hovering Warhawks.

Chaos Dwarfs Advance!

Wood Elf Turn 2

The Waywatchers advance around the rocks to stay out of sight of the prowling Daemoneater.  The Warhawks fly to the top of the hill.  The remaining elf units continue to move into the trees.  The treeman attempts to sing to the trees and moves the forest 2�?� closer to the Chaos Dwarf force along with the Eternal Guards hidden within its confines.  Arya successfully casts Fray of the Forest at the Warriors with grate weapons, killing one of them.  The Waywatchers attempt to shoot their arrows at the unit of warriors, but the ward save form the Battle Standard of Zharr Nagrund saves the soldiers from taking any wounds.  The Treeman sends his roots deep into the ground toward the rushing Daemoneater but the roots whipping at the charging war machine do no damage.  Arya shoots at the annihilators but misses.  The Glade Guard�?Ts massed flight of arrows turns the Deathrocket and its crew into pincushions and they collapse.  The Warhawks fire at the rear of the advancing annihilators finding a soft spot in one of the soldier�?Ts armor and felling him.

The Warhawks on the hill:

Chaos Dwarf Turn 2

The Chaos Dwarf force continues its advance, halting just short of the forest�?Ts edge.  The rampaging Daemoneaters continue to maneuver for position.  The Bison Driven one wheeling about in order to charge the treeman, the Boar Centaur driven one continuing its loop around the rock formation, chasing the Waywatchers.  Slayblade conjures up a Conflagration of Doom Spell on the Glade Guard, incinerating 3 of them.  His attempt at casting another burning head is foiled by Arya�?Ts wily incantation.   Arya then dispels The Shade of Death that had surrounded the Great Weapon unit.   The Annihilators fire into the woods and kill two exposed Dryads, The Eruption Guns both fire at the warhawks, killing one of them, the Annihilators on the Kollosus blast into the woods and kill an Eternal Guard, and 4 more are felled by the Kollosus�?T Daemon Phlegm.  


The Daemoneater moves into position:

Wood Elf turn 3

The Warhawks, Dryads, and Wardancers all charge the Warriors with great weapons.  The Warhawks hit the rear, Dryads the left flank, and Wardancers to the front.  With grim resolve Doublegasp and his warriors raise their weapons and receive the charges.  Arya casts a Fury of the Forest, causing the forest to attack the Kollosus, to no effect.  The Waywatchers and Treeman both attempt to fire at the speeding Daemoneater, but its armor deflects all of their attacks.  The Glade Guard fire long range at the annihilators, dropping two of them, while Arya�?Ts arrow flies over the Dawi Zharr�?Ts heads.  The combined Wood Elf attacks kill 5 Warriors, but they fight back, felling 1 Wardancer, 1 Dryad, and 1 War Hawk.  Even though they pushed back viciously the collected press of Elves drives the valiant warriors in too many directions and they panic and are slaughtered in place.  Doublegasp perishing from an elven blade along with the unit as he tries to rally them to continue fighting.  The Slaughter of the Chaos Dwarf general and the entire unit of warriors only hardens the resolve of the surrounding Dawi Zharr.

The Wood Elves Fire:


Chaos Dwarf turn 3

The Kollosus charges into the celebrating Wardancers.  The Daemoneater charges, and completely destroys the unit of Way Watchers.  The Two Eruption Guns each blast 10 shots at the remaining War Hawks, killing the two fluttering beasts and elf riders.  The Annihilators charge into the unit of Dryads, as Slayblade runs forward he attempts to cast Conflagration of Doom, but it fizzles on his fingertips, he also gathers power to hurl a fireball, but Arya knocks it out of his hands.  In frustration he unleashes his Hellblade of Hashut, scorching 1 Dryad and 5 Wardancers.  The Annihilators kill an additional Dryad, but they hunker down and fight back, killing 2 Dawi Zharr, then decide to hold their ground for continued fighting.  The Kollosus belches Daemon Phlegm on the unit of Wardancers and Eternal Guard, wounding Eildolas and killing a Wardancer and 3 Eternal Guards, while the scything wheels and flailing beard tentacles kill a Wardancer, and the Annilhilator crew kills an additional elf.   Radjan the Wardancer Noble strikes back at the towering Kollosus, causing 1 wound.  The Wardancers hold their ground against the menacing Daemon Tower.

HASHUT!!!  (The Warhawks demise!)


Wood Elves have been TENDERIZED!

Wood Elf Turn 4

Eidolas and the Eternal Guard charge Thrulgok and the block of Warriors.  The Treeman turns and advances toward the oncoming Daemoneater.  As he maneuvers he casts tree-singing twice at the forest in front of the Kollosus, encouraging it to attack the daemonic monstrosity.  Slayblade dispells one attempt, the other spell goes through, causing 1 hit, but no wounds.  Arya attempts to sing to the trees as well, pushing it to fight back at the Dawi Zharr war machine, it lands two blows, but deals no damage.  The distant Glade Guard let loose with another volley of arrows, taking out one of the Eruption Guns.  The Treeman finally hits the Daemoneater with his flailing roots, but deals no damage.  Eidolas and Thrulgok exchange blows, Eidolas wounding the stout hero, and Thrulgok�?Ts counterstrike is parried.  Neither the charging Eternal Guard nor the defending Dai Zharr warriors deal any damage.  The Wardancers continue their battle with the Kollosus and crew.  They fail in finding a chink in the Kollosus�?T carapace, while the Annihilator crew fights back, eliminating three of the attacking elves.  The Dryads and Annihilators also continue their conflict: one more Chaos Dwarf falls, while the stalwart Dawi Zharr hack 3 of the nasty tree spirits to pieces.  The remaining Dryads howl with agony but stay in the fight.

The fight continues:

Chaos Dwarf Turn 4

The Daemoneater charges the Treeman.  Its scything blades and daemon spittle only causes 1 wound, while the Treeman strikes back, damaging the war machine for 2 wounds.  The Annihilators on foot take no casualties in this exchange and with renewed vigor kill 2 of the last Dryads.  The lone surviving elf kin goes into a wild rage and launches itself on the Chaos dwarfs.  The Kollosus and crew shrug off all potential hits, and fight back, killing an additional Wardancer.  Radjan and the remaining elf decide to hightail it for the safety of the trees.  The Kollosus vibrates with bloodlust but the crew holds it back from charging into the trees.  Meanwhile the fight between the Eternal Guard and the Warriors continues.  Eidolas slices at Thrulgok once again, but the magical ward deflects the blow.  As Thrulgok jeers at the astonished Wood Elf Highborn, a second rank Eternal Guard reaches passed the Lord and stabs the Dawi Zharr in the neck, killing him instantly.  Thrulgok is the only casualty of the fray, so with the press of soldiers the Warriors win the combat round.  Eidolas rallies the Elves to continue the fight.

Wood Elf Turn 5

The Wardancers reach the safety of the woods and decide to rally and return to the battle.  The Glade Guard advances toward the shore of the stream.  Arya Casts treesinging and Fury if the Forest, and the vigorous thwacking of tree limbs finally damages the Kollosus. The Treeman attempts to lend its voice to the attack, but the forest does not respond as violently, and the Kollosus staves off the blows.  The distant Glade Guard raise their bows high and pull their strings back far, launching a long ranged volley at the Kollosus, killing one of the Annihilator crew.  The final Dryad throws itself wholly into the fray killing one Annihilator, but in its fury it leaves several clear openings for counterstrikes and it too falls to the ground.  With the protecting magical ward evaporated from the Dawi Zharr warriors, they take three casualties from the whirling Eternal Guard blades.  The warriors are not able to retaliate with any strength, and so, disheartened, they turn to flee.  The Victorious Eidolas and his Eternal Guard chase them down and slaughter them mercilessly.  The Wood Elves form up with the rock formation at their backs to see what is in store for them next.  The Treeman strikes the Daemoneater with a final powerful blow, demolishing the maniacal machine once and for all.

The Final Dryad falls:

An Annihilator falls from the Kollosus:

The battlefield:

Chaos Dwarf Turn 5

Slayblade conjures up enough power to cast Conflagration of Doom at the Glade Guard across the stream.  5 of the Wood Elf archers erupt in flames and the singed but unharmed final two guard turn and run.  Arya is able to dispel an attempted fireball though.  The Kollosus backs into position away from the forest and lets loose another blast of Daemon Phlegm killing Eidolas and 6 Eternal Guard.  The remaining 4 elves steel themselves for their last fight.  The Eruption gun opens fire at them as well, but all of its shots ricochet off of the rocks harmlessly.

Wood Elf Turn 6

With darkness approaching, and elven lives rapidly extinguishing, the remaining Wood Elves resolve to continue the fight.  The Glade Guard archers rally, turning to face the Dawi Zharr forces.  Arya, Radjan, and the last Wardancer charge the Annihilators.  The Wardancers storm of blades technique kills four of the Dawi Zharr, Slayblade fights back, hitting and wounding Arya.  The unrestrained onslaught panics the Chaos Dwarfs and they turn to run.  The Wardancers stumble in their pursuit, falling short of the retreating Annihilators, but Arya, with a burst of speed, catches the fleeing Dawi Zharr and cuts them down with her elvish Steel.  The Treeman succeeds in casting treesinging, moving the forest a bit closer to the Kollosus.

Arya and Radjan charge the Annihilators and Slayblade:

Chaos Dwarf Turn 6

As the sun finally dips beyond the distant mountains the Chaos Dwarf force attempts one final push to wrest victory out of the grasping elven fingers.  The remaining Daemoneater runs down Arya, easily maiming her as she gapes at the pounding weapons.  The Kollosus crew fires a volley of shrapnel at the remaining Wardancers, succeeding in killing the final warrior.   The Kollosus itself expectorates one more wad of Daemon Phlegm at the cowering Wood Elf Eternal guard, killing three of the four that stand by the rock formation.  The eruption gun unleashes a blast of shots at the Treeman, but deals no damage.



This is the end…

As the light fades, the final Eternal Guard warrior shakes his fist at the leering Dawi Zharr, unfurls the Battle Standard of Zharr Nagrund from his belt pouch and spits on it as he lopes toward the Treeman, and the shadows of the forest.

The Wood Elves pull of a Marginal Victory, yet again.  Securing 1 table edge, capturing my battle standard, and a regular standard. They win by 436 points.  Remaining on the field of battle were 2 Glade Guard, Radjan the Wardancer Noble, 1 Eternal Guard (carrying the two standards) and the Treeman.  On the Chaos Dwarf side: the Kollosus with 9 crew, a Daemoneater, and an Eruption Gun survive to escape back to the fortresses of the Dawi Zharr.

In retrospect, if only I had fired at the remaining Eternal Guard with the Eruption Gun - all I would have needed was to score 1 wound - and the game would have ended in a draw.  The next battle will surely see a Dawi Zharr victory!  High Lord Gr�?Tackatoa himself is going to lead the force into action.  A 3500 point conflict to decide once and for all who controls the forests.


Uh… Dwarfs as Elfs… Uhmm… :o

Otherwise a great AAR and much appreciated to see some photos as well!


Yeah, my friend has been trying out various armies using my collection… he has decided to stick with wood elves, and he has just purchased his first pieces… hopefully you’ll be seeing some actual elves in action soon lol!


Grrrr not another failure… Hashut will not be pleased!!!

Blue in VT:

:hat off

Great battle report! those woodsie elfs will get there just payment soon I’m sure!!



Yes they WILL!! For the next conflict, I will be including some Hobgoblins… which means I have to paint some up… 2 units of 20 archers should do it… plus the 10 wolf riders that were already in the works… My army is also lacking one of the Chaos Dwarf staples: Bull Centaurs! I think adding some faster moving pieces will aid in over running the long legged Wood Elves! I also have to build an Earth shaker… so much to do, so little time… but vengeance will be MINE!!!


kool. I play wood elves and cd’s, but honestly it’s always a close win for elves, or a total elves. Anyway, you can always try again! The more armour the better


Some good looking dice you’ve got there too :wink:

Great report.



Great pictures and report.

Looking forward to the 3500pt battle