[Archive] Battle Standard ideas / advice?


I am in need of ideas and/or inspiration for my Battle Standard Bearer. I’ve converted most of him already (see attachment) - but I don’t have a clue what to put on top of his standard pole.

My initial plan was to sculpt a bull’s head similar to the one that comes with the Infernal Guard command group, but larger; but having now seen the IG standard “in the flesh” I realise my sculpting skills just aren’t up to it - the best I could manage is something similar and larger but uglier, blobbier and generally inferior in every conceivable way, which doesn’t seem right for the focal point of the army.

My next thought was to use the old Black Orc standard with a dead Dwarf impaled on it, but apart from the Dwarf itself it just doesn’t look right - too Orcy, not sufficiently Chaos Dwarfy. I may still be interested in the idea of an impaled or crucified corpse, but not sure what race, and I think the standard top and crossbar still needs some kind of Chaos Dwarf / Hashut-themed motif… eventually a corpse would rot or fall off and there’s no glory in having a Battle Standard consisting of just a pole, right?

I did also consider a traditional banner instead, but Chaos Dwarfs seem to spend a lot of time around lava, forges, fires, fire magic, fire daemons and fire-breathing giant flying bulls, so I figure a cloth banner would too easily burn so may not be a great idea. (Which is probably exactly the reason why the IG unit has a metal glyph).

My last idea was a simple crossbar with weapons hanging from it on chains (plus maybe a rune on top). This might have worked, but I don’t really have any suitable weapons in my bits box - Black Orc axes are the right shape but way too big, and all the other weapons in there (and I have a very substantial bits box) just aren’t Dwarfy enough, usually being obviously Empire, Bretonnian or Elven in origin.

So I’m starting to struggle for any further ideas. Dawi Zharr of Chaos Dwarfs Online - please help out a struggling comrade! My sculpting skills are… well, OK, but not great… I can confidently fill gaps and can just about manage a hand or other limb at a push, but anything too extensive or detailed is probably beyond me; and I do have lots of bits, and can probably find a way get hold of just about any other bit you can suggest, if I think your idea is right for me.

The Odor:

A metal banner. Think scale-mail or chainmail and make a banner ot of that that you then make a metal base for then paint something sutiably gruesome. Chainmail would take time but the scale-mail might be easier.


I took some of the old symbols and turned them into banner tops. The Skull shield plate from the old skeleton warriors box. an exacto knife, a little GS, and a couple chaos symbols and you are done.


Loving those split-skull standard tops. Normally I take care to remove all the skulls from my GW models (there’s always at least one on there somewhere…) but in this case it’s a well-known Chaos Dwarf motif, and works really well.

Obsidian Muse:

I intend to use the skulltop from the Marauders box set. In each set you’ll find about four of them, it’s already supposed to be a banner and the way the horns are shaped is vaguely Khornish.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

If it helps, I’m using the regular command from Forgeworld on all my units with the bulls-head painted with glowing eyes like there’s magic inside. My BSB got a minotaur head with green-stuff flames comnig out the nose and mouth.

Dervish Helldance:

My BSB got a minotaur head with green-stuff flames comnig out the nose and mouth.

Grimbold Blackhammer
I'm considering using a mino head as well, think that would work (although, a mino skull would be even better, but I dunno where to find one such, do you?)


Mino/ bull skull from the Orc chariot. I will post a pic later of a little conversion I did with it.


I really liked silentbob27’s suggestion (volcano-skull on a chaos star) as a banner top so I’ve gone for that, still need to putty it but I love how it looks so far. Had to dig reeeeeeeeeeeally deep into my reserve-backup-bitz-box though, that skull motif must be, what, fifteen years old? More? Just goes to show, never throw anything away, it might be useful one day!

The banner still looked naked though, so my current best thought is a crucifixion. See photo, though apologies for the quality - my macro mode camera is out of batteries. Obviously there’s a lot of putty work still to do (the victim is only held together by blu-tac at the moment) - and I’ll need to weight the base with lead or he’ll keep falling over. I think it’ll look pretty good though, what do you chaps think? Any other thoughts? I’m going to stick with the volcano-skull top, but other suggestions for the main “banner” would be gratefully received, in case the putty work doesn’t go well.