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Ok, im finally going to take the plunge. Im pretty tired now after years of going to clubs and other peoples houses to play my wargames, I am going to build my own battlefield at home.

I can fit a 4x4 on the dining room table with ease and can probably do a 6x4 as well if im honest.

I was looking at 2x4 boards, and want to do them in a winter theme. What wood should I use? I know mdf can warp, so would a hardboard be better?

I was also looking at the citadel battlefield but its about £100 too expensive for what it is, and even when that didnt put me off the permanent hills did.

any advice from anyone would be appreciated. :idea


Thats a very good idea.<br>I recommend a 6x4 battlefield for playing Warhammer. I would do it flat so you can lay a game mat on it as well and use modular terrain.<br>Best have two halves and link them with metal parts, thats better to carry and for transport. Be carful with scratches on the dining table ;).

My table is only painted green. A friend had his table painted with a sand mixture. That looks nice but moving units is difficult. This way you could create whatever effect you want.
Third method is great for playing and looks nice (but not like winter): A grass mat glued to the surface.

Maybe you find this useful as well (No experience with it, but looks good):



6x4 is the ideal size for up to 4000 points.

Check my battle reports (see signiature) to see my board. I’ve used an 8mm plywood board. Sturdy enough to not tip or bend when put on my dining table. Sawed it with a normal handsaw to the right size. Plywood 25$.

‘Painted’ it with cement for ceramic tiles. Real nice texture both painted green or brown. Have enough cement for a lifetime, use it on all my terrain. 15$ for kg.

Used two tubes of cheap acrylic paint wateted down. 6$.

Added a box of GW (expensive) static grass. 15$.

Cheap. Easy. Two hours of work (not counting drying/hardening).


Well I don’t have the storage for a full board so will have to be in 2x4 sections. They will also have to be stored upright in the outhouse so plywood is no good I know from experience i t will bend in damp condition.

I am still deciding whether I need texture or not, it will look better but will it be fragile?


Idk if it can be of help for you, but this is the blood bowl field I made some time ago.

on the inside, where you can open/close it like a book i put the hinges of the door so i can move it around easily and save some space.



I actually bought a dining table as a gift to my fiancés, It happened to Fold out 6x4. Coincidence i think not.


Gil that is a genius idea I read your post to my wife I think now she will be expecting a new table :o


Ok so i bit the bullet today, i bought 2 2x4 boards of 9mm mdf, nice and thick so shouldnt warp, and still pretty light. they had outdoor use plywood but that was £30 for 2x4 so i gave that a miss. I did do as bloodbeard suggested and used tile adhesive to texture the board, using a scraper and a cheap paintbrush ive aimed at a windswept snowy texture.


Gil that is a genius idea I read your post to my wife I think now she will be expecting a new table :o

Yea i have one of these http://www.zuzzy.com/2013/09/the-ruined-land-scourged-forest-gaming.html


Maybe, if you have some lying around, give the boards a coat of varnish first. That should protect them from most hazards… I used to have 3 MDFsheets of 2ftx4ft, of which 2 were treated… now I only have 2 left because the untreated one warped in storage due to moisture in the air.


That is a good idea I only have spray varnish but I could do the unprotected rear and sides. I wonder if gloss paint would have the same effect?


@ Gil how durable are those mats? Do pieces fall off?


Probably a bit late as you have already bought your boards. I used mdf for my first table. But I bought three pieces of mdf and some aluminium channeling. The channel pushed firmly onto the edge of the boards and held it in place during games. Then when pulled apart it was easy to store. It only died when I set it up in the shed and it got damp.

As to sealing, I think gloss varnish should work but it can get thick and lumpy.


@ Gil how durable are those mats? Do pieces fall off?

Well bits don't exactly drop off, But as it need painting it can crack and come when moved or rolled up.

The solution i came up with was really thin washes and build it up. Were talking just grays here. But it can be rolled up and moved. But yes ive had it for 6 months and i have had few issues. Ill take a few pics.