[Archive] Battrep CD vs Skaven and WOC

Lord Fokke:

I played a legendary battles game this weekend. I had 3600 points of CD with an 1800 point lizardman army against 3 opponents, two skaven and a warriors army.

CD- 3600ish


Overlord on a great Taurus, hammer of Hashut, armor of forge, potion of speed

Daemonsmith, Armor of Azkaban(whatever 1+ armor is called)Obsidian taliman. Lore of shadow- got the reduce str by d3 spell

Daemonsmith- ench shield, dispell scroll- Lore of metal- Enchanted blades spell

BSB- shield, Stone Totem(2MR)

Warriors x 30 shields FC eruption gun

Blunderbuss x 18 M,S

Blunderbuss x 18 M,S

Obsidian guard x 20 FC(Daemonsmith with MR talisman here) Banner of moving from main rulebook.

Wolf riders x10 FC, bows

Sneaky Gits x 10

Hobgoblin Warriors x 19 FC

Bull Centaurs x5 FC, chaos armor, great weapons(***point fillers-would not have used otherwise)


Earthshakers x2

Death Rockets x2

Bolt Throwers x 2


Souped up slaan Lore of life, cupped hands, otherstuff.

small templeguard unit

Ancient Steg with Priest

Saurus unit with spears

Huge skink unit


Tzeentch Warriors x20 banner of Rage + level 2 Sorc

Chaos Knights with some Khorne Lord (sure they had a banner too)

Slaanesh warriors x20 cause fear banner

Nurgle Chosen x 10 sorcerer lv2

Khorne warriors x 20 magic banner

skaven 1

30 clanrats with mortar

30 Clanrats with flamethrower

30 Stormvermin with flaming banner

2 sorcerers

Skaven 2

Plague Furnace 40 plague monks and a plague priest

Plague Furnace 40 Plague monks and a plague priest

Screaming Bell 40 Stormvermin and a Grey seer, storm banner

Lightning Cannon

lightning Cannon

30 x clan rats

30 x clan rats

Lizardmen took the left table. He put skinks on far side, the Slaan and steg in center with saurus backup(as ineffectual as it was) back diagonally behind the slaan(he is a new player).

Knowing he had a flaming unit in the force, I put my lord opposite to the flaming stormvermin on far left on the edge of the table near the skinks. I had a Deathrocket on the left hill. On his table backing him up was the wolfriders, a blunderbuss unit, earthshaker, eruption gun, another Deathrocket. Near the junction between two tables I had two bolt throwers on a hill. On my side starting from the left were the sneaky gits, Astrogoth, blunderbuss, obsidian guard. hellcannon and earthshaker were on a hill. on other side of the hill were CD warriors, bull centaurs and Hobgob warriors.

On the far side starting at my left were Khorne warriors, flaming stormvermin, lighting cannon, Skaven 1s two clanrat units, Plague furnace, nurgle chosen near the junction, then on my table the Screaming bell, tzeetch warriors, Plague furnace, Chaos knights, Slaanesh warriors, and the other two clan rats and in far right corner a warp lightning cannon.

We got first turn, I bombarded the hell out of things, slowed the chaos knights(rightside earthshaker), killed a bunch of clan rats and stormvermin with the left side earthshaker. Scattered with Hellcannon and killed two Tzeentch warriors. Bolt Thrower hit the screaming bell and did 2 wounds. Cast purple sun(never used it before and killed two more tzentch warriors and a couple storm vermin.) everything else was dispelled. We rolled one set of powerdice per table. Whatever caster were on that table used those dice.

His turn, everything moved forward. He cast some stuff, I dont remember if anything bad happened. His lightning cannon on the right side wiped out the entire unit of hobgoblin warriors in one hit. They didnt get a chance to run. The Bull Centaurs though it was funny and laughed when my opponent wanted me to roll their leadership.

2nd turn- he pops the stormbanner. Only a bolt thrower on the left side gets to fire. Annihilators since they do not roll BS to shoot failed their 4+ to fire their guns. Other Annihilators have nothing to shoot. earthshaker once again slows the chaos knights and lord. Hellcannon shoots the Plague funacr and kills 6 plague monks. Slaan casts dwellers beneith on his plague furnace and kills a bunch. Thats about it, Lord hops up a hill due to Storm banner.

His turn, they moved forward. Lizard side Plague Furnace charges the Slaan. They end the fight with only the Slaan left. Lightning cannons dont do anything. The Screaming bell charges the Sneaky gits, wipes them and overruns into the bolt thrower. Astrogoth is abotu half an inch behind the boltthrower and narrowly misses getting involved.

3rd turn. Storm banner is still in effect on the left side table(we ruled it only effected the table it was on). No spells of note get off. Only a Deathrocket and eruption gun get to fire on left side with bolt throwers. DR fails to kill any khorne warriors(with terrain it was the only unit it could see, I wouldnt have wasted it otherwise) Eruption gun kills a couple chosen. BTs miss. On my side Earth shaker misses. Hellcannon gets a couple more Plague monks. Obsidian guard charges the Tzeetch warriors. the Annihilators on the non-stormbanner side move forward and blast the Plague furnace, and out of 34 rolls kill 18 monks and they cry foul and say I have no right to complain of the stormbanner. Obsidian guard take a few casualties and force the tzeetch warriors to run and get away. Predictably the screaming bell wipes the floor with the lone bolt thrower and overruns another few inches.

His round, the Bell reforms and moves towards the Annihilators. The plague furnace charges and just barely clips the corner of the Obsidian guard. magic phase has him irresistibly casting Kraks call from the bell and manages to hit the Annihilators, Hellcannon, earthshaker, all of which promptly fail their I tests and die leaving me with two ranks of blunderbuss and no cannon. Obsidian guard die, PF continues into Astrogoth.

Game goes downhill from here. The Lord on a taurus destroys the flaming stormvermin since they could not fight back(he is immune to fire), inflicting like 9 casualties. They run and I pursue far enough to get into a different arc from the left side lightning cannon. Lizard steggy kills the plague furnace with a single crewman and wound left, slaan died long before. The next turn i charge and destroy the lit cannon with my lord. Both a deathrocket and earthshaker get mad and charge the chosen at one point and die badly. My side of the board is wiped out to the man on the 5th turn. My Annhilators wreck a clanrat unit who then eventually run off the board, then turn to shoot the plague furnace and knock it down to 5 plague monks. It then wipes them out with ease.

I end the game with a single boltthrower wh even though completely surrounded by enemies(they even get a flank shot on the chosen and kill three), they keep on firing away, my lord, eruption gun which did a ton of damage, and a lone death rocket.

a dismal showing and they call me cheesy.

How the hell do you stop skaven tower things?