[Archive] Bazooka scullpture WIP

Golder Goldeater:

It’s FAAAAR  from being finished. Edges will be sharpened, bazooka will be decorates, second shoulderpad will be added, body bellow waist will be built etc… But tell me what you think . Is there anything I could do better?(Obviously there is so please tell me). Also do you have any suggestions? :hat off Thanks in advance. :hat off


nice bazuka!

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looking cool so far, but no beard?


The start is very promising. You already mention the things that must/can be improved so I’ll anxious await any updates! :cheers

Blue in VT:

:hat off Very nice…love the helm!



Beautiful work thus far. Once you add the detail and sharpen him up (and get that beard on him) he’ll be a great model. I’m impressed.


I agree with what’s been said already. Its lookin’ good! The spike on the helm might be better served if it was made from Procreate or Brown Stuff, so you could file it down after its cured to make it nice and sharp. That’s all I can suggest.


i love wip pictures! great model in the making! keep them coming

Golder Goldeater:

:slight_smile: Thanks for the kind comments, I’ll definitely do sth about the spike :slight_smile:

I’ll try adding a beard but this might be a problem when it comes to attaching the bazooka…I’ll try my best though :cheers


You could try pinning the bazooka in place temporarily and doing a very rough sculpt around it. The you can take the bazooka off and do the details on the beard and bazooka and put it all together.