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How affective are bazookas. How and when would you use them. I think I want to convert a team of 20 (10 bazookas and 10 loaders or whatever the second member of the team are called) mainly just for the looks, BUT if they are useful then hey, Why not field em?


There aren’t any current official rules for them. You could use them as Blunderbusses though in the manner you mention

Pyro Stick:

These are the original rules that i changed so that they would make more sense with the new warhammer rules.


Hashut’s Blessing:

I would say (no offence Pyro, good work to have updated the rules), it’s best to have them count as blunderbussers and be a cool looking unit. People are less likely to contest you on it then (as you’d be using official rules) and you can use them like that in tournaments.


Thanks everyone and pyro thanks too I will use these as house rules :slight_smile:


You could possibly also use them to represent death rockets as well.

Perhaps have a battery of them glued to a 50mm base or something like that.


I too have some house rules you could try out. insert shameless plug.

The unit entry is a Special unit, so you can scroll down to there, the actual rules are mid way down the second post.

If you happen to try these out please pm with feedback :slight_smile:

In terms of how to model them, I would do as you suggested and do a roughly even split of loaders and lauchers. A command would be useful, and would be an interesting challenge (how to make the banner for instance).

Curiously I too have spent a lot of time in the last 2 days thinking how best to model these. Threads about rocketeers/ bazooka CD are quite rare on CDO I think.