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I want to make a large shoot army, (see my army list in the army list forum) My army I want to make will have 90 blunderbusses, and I am wodnering if they will be more affective in groups of 10x1, 5x3 OR 10x2 , 5x 4 (If i did either of these I would have 100 bb) So which would be better?


6x3 or 5x3+3 are the best imo.

6x3 gives you extra width and S5 and 5x3+3 gives you s5 and a 4 dwarf buffer for it.

you don’t want a bb unit less than 4x3


Personally, I use them in 5x4.

That way they can take 6 casualties to missiles or magic and still be shooting at strength 5, and they are also reasonable in close combat.

Ultimately it comes down to what you plan on using them for.

If you want them to be in the main battle line supporting your Warriors then I would go 5x4, otherwise they’ll just be a liability.

If you plan on using them on the flanks to shoot at fast cav, or to occupy buildings then you don’t need a unit with that many ranks. Perhaps in that case a 6 wide unit blocking the path of fast cav might be viable (although we are only talking about an extra 20mm here…).

If you’re not really sure what you’re going to use them for, then 5x3+3 is probably a reasonable compromise. If you’re going up against armies that don’t have excessive magic or shooting then the 5x3+3 option you mentioned is probably your best bet of the options you listed.

Just my 5 cents. Take it for what it’s worth :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

It depends what kind of army you are playing against. If it is a horde army, 10x1 is the way to go. get as many shots in as possible. If it is a multiple small unit army (usually tough/armoured enemies), use something more akin to 6x3 so that they can take a few hits etc and have a rank bonus as well as doing a higher damage each round. if it’s a mix/cross have a combination or units of 6 or 7 times 2.