[Archive] BB Coach?


Well folks, it has come to the time where i haveto think of a coach model for my Lizardmen Bloodbowl team, the Hexoatl Raiders, just because i can, and it would look cool!

However,I am stuck between three ideas for the lucky place…

Idea 1: A big fat slann smoking a cigar and with a few gold teeth, maybe with some nachos or other food next to him

Idea 2: Basically the same as the first one, but with an ogre instead, with a t-shirt saying ‘Coach’ in lizzie symbols

Idea 3: Make a warhammer version of myself! With of course the CD Online T-shirt! :wink:

Or, any other ideas are welcomed with scaled arms!

Your friendly neighborhood cold-blood,

- Warplock

Hashut’s Blessing:

Go to full edit and underneath the post, you should be able to add in however many options you would like and it’s straight-forward from there.

As I said in your blog-post, you should do option 3 and post it into the miniature mirror thread.

Failing that, I think a thinned slann, with LOTS of wrrinkles and flaps of fatless skin, with clipboard and stuff would represent the part well. Like 12th generation because they’re that suckish etc etc…

:smiley: They aren’t fat enough to be magical enough to be slann. he’s outcast because he went on a diet :smiley:


I reckon a skink coach, as you could make him more dynamic.


The “mafia” slann seems an excelent idea. you can give himm the CD online t shirt.


You could make him a big guy like a Kroxigor (sp?) that mite work, plus more space for the CDO t shirt

Hashut’s Blessing:

I shall attempt to make the poll for you :wink:

EDIT: Done :stuck_out_tongue: You may not have ticked the box (just above post respones/update reply).

caos dwrf:

i like the 3rd one it sounds cool btw where can i get a c d shirt


I say option 1, mafia slann with cigar…however, model him in a jacuzzi. Don’t want him drying out now do you. Maybe a drink/nachos floating on a lillypad