[Archive] BC- Conversion Idea


It seems the most common complaint I hear about using Horse Bodies for Bull Centaurs is that the legs are too long.��Well, to pose an idea: Why not just shorten the legs?

Grimstonefire, on the Hand of Hashut site, originally posted these skeleton jpgs to compare.
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I mean, I’ve never SEEN an actual BC to compare, but I suspect with about 2-3/16ths of an inch (or 4-5mm for all you INTERNATIONAL folk -_- ), just above the ankle, pinned back in place, and I think it might work.

Off course, you’d have to fatten it up too, but that’s a given.


There was the on guy who shortened the legs to make his bull centaurs. They actually looks quite good. I was actually thinking about giving that a go myself. I have 6 BCs with real bodies, but I need 4 more and don’t feel like spending a ton of cash.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Let’s see the results! Obviously, when you have some…


Well, I got the cutting done last night, and started the pinning… it looked fantastic on the first foot, and looked progressively worse with each other.��Still, I’m not done YET, so the final verdict will have to wait.

I’m also seeing if I can leave as much uncovered by GS as I can, to counter the whole 'You might as well build your own from scratch!" argument.