[Archive] Beard issue


Hi, I’m having trouble with beards. Whenever I try to add the indents,I almost flatten the beards- they don’t look rounded at all. That said, I usually make the cuts pretty soon after I attach the rolls of GS- do I need to let it set before I make the cuts? Help would be appreaciated.


I usually wait a bit before doing the texture, exactly as you say just so it won’t squish. It may be that you’re using a tool that is too thick also - what are you using to do your sculpting?


You need something that applies pressure over the smallest area possible, so use the sharpest thing you can. I use old scalpel blades.


I’m using my hobby knife. It is very thin. I guess I’ll just wait to let it set first.

Oh, and my basement is cold, is that why it takes ~24 hours to set fully?


The temperature has a huge impact.

Also, if you are using greenstuff you might want to add a little more blue to your mix.