[Archive] Bearmen


I have a unit of chaos marauders and I was thinking about using them as bearmen of usolo when I finally get my army completed. Has anyone had any luck with this regiment of renown?


this one is certainly a good one… im not sure it offers that much to our army tho…

generally speaking the crossbow one are more appropriate…


I played them with my empire list on occasion in 6th edition and they provide some much needed hitters to the army… but with Dwarfs i dont see them working too well. due mainly to their armour being low and relatively expensive they will get shot up pretty good and end up not viable for combats.:hat


I was just wondering because my army is small, limited miniatures, and I was trying to add another unit. They might work for the time being, I guess, just have to screen them. Thanks for the advice!

Uzkul Werit:

If anything, I’d use them as plain DOW Marauders. Dirt cheap in comparison with the Bearmen too. Give them flails or two hand weapons if they can take them and watch them do their stuff.


Can I use regular DoW in a CD army? Not very familiar with the DoW to be honest.

Uzkul Werit:

Yup, as a Rare choice. The only unit we can’t use from the normal DOW list is Dwarfs.




Since they’re Rare, I don’t think they’re too useful. They’re competing with Bull Centaurs and Earthshakers.



Way back when I had a norse army (the old viking and berzerker times not chaotic ones) If you are going for Dow make sure it fits with your fluff, this is just my opinion if you want vamps with cannons do it haha :hat

I have found that small units of marauders work really well, units of 12 with great weapon in 6x6 they eat most units flanks, frenzy is a problem ofc but when you have frothing maniacs fighting for you, well you would expect them to not do what you want them to.

They are fun but I agree that the rare slots are highly competed for, im one for using Dow just not the Regiments of Renown as most of them are over priced and over rated. Aka Marauders instead of the Bearmen. Even though Beorg is awesome, nothing better than a were-bear thats what im talking about!