[Archive] Beastman GIANT!


Another entry in my series of models I’m not that ashamed of. The astute reader will note that they are all larger miniatures. I guess 28mm figures are a bit too small for me. I do better at Ogre class models.
The plastic giant for my Beastman army. Guess what god he follows…:stuck_out_tongue:

It ain’t easy being green!

Back, again!


Front, closer


Kera foehunter:

great giant i love the paint job the pink on this model make it look cool!!

maybe i need to see you on painting my finger nail !!! oooo hot pink


great giant i love the paint job  the pink on this model make it look cool!!
maybe i need to see you on painting my finger nail !!!! oooo hot pink

Kera foehunter
Well you are probably large enough in scale for me to make that attempt. :)


Dude you have an awesome painting style!

Kera foehunter:

So was the giant hard to put together snowblizz?? did it fit well


He’s awesome. I’m loving the wicked paint job Snowblizz.


Aaaaw you guys (and gals!!!) are the bestest :shy:

I didn’t think it was hard to put together… that I primed it with a paint that isn’t primer (never ever trying to skimp again) made painting somewhat of a challenge… it didn’t quite want to attach over the belly…

It is fairly well thought out with regards to the pieces. Hides seams fairly well in the legs/pants. Follow instructions though! I forgot to add the collar before the head so had to cut it apart to get it on, and you don’t want to forget the tongue and then go attach the head.

Totally one of the most fun plastic kits, IMHO. Really was enjoyable to think about all the things to add. I went a bit over board maybe, but I waned him ready for everything. There’s just so many pieces in the kit, lots over for terrain and other stuff. I even used some of them to spice up the second Reaper Warlords Giant I had bought before I knew GW was going to make such and cool kit.

Not all details can be seen, e.g. the second halfling in the bag (upside down, only legs sticking up) needs new underwear…

My opponent last Friday even mentioned that when he saw my giant, “that was a fun kit to build”, but his Bretts don’t get giants, I mean GIANTS!, nayh nayh.