[Archive] beating magic heavy orcs?


First post here, yay!

saw this website when doing some wiki-surfing and fell in love with chaos dwarfs. ive ben looking for a hobby project and i think i just found it!

anyway back to the main subject, my main opponents are 1. Magic heavy orcs (CHEESE!!!) 2. Tomb kings 3. Vampire counts. so there is alot of magic involved. ive ben playing fantasy for about a year now (first hordes of chaos, then empire) and i still consider myself a noob, so i figure why not ask the geniouses who love their evil stunties? any suggestions on beating magic? ben looking at the armylist but ive never seen the CDs play so i have no clue where to start. advice?

(edit) by advice i mean army list related

Lord Zarkov:

Firstly Hello and welcome to thw Forum!

we don’t have a huge amount of specific anti-magic stuff, your best bet is probably to load up on magic yourself and take a good number of scrolls. The Chailce of Darkness can help force spells through, but it’d not so good defensively.

Big Blocks of infantry work wonders, and the Earthshaker is a definite gamewinner, you really need at least one. Bolt throwers are also a good investment as they usually make their points back with dividends, and are nice and cheap.


Against TK just kill his Heirophant.

Either use fast units to do it, like Bull Centaurs or (if you’re a gambling man) wolf riders.

A lord on Taurus should be able to murder a hierophant without too much trouble.

Also, you could try taking lore of shadows on one your spellcasters then sacrifice one of your heroes (appropriately tooled up) to kill his heirophant. It is a worthwhile sacrifice.

This trick works against any of his spellcasters of course, but the heirophant is the money shot. After that he’s on a fast train to crumble city.