[Archive] Bederken Chaos Dwarf painted


hope you like!

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great paint job!

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Finally - a painted one - and the green…!, fantastic choice of colour :smiley:

Looking good, mate - really like the mix of colours here - and thing I’lout of the lead pile - and give them a go during Christmas.


he does look festive!


That’s superb work, congrats! How did you paint the green armour? I’ve got a model I’d like to try a similar effect on.


Yaaaay! Is that the first Painted one we’ve seen!! I hope to get mine for x-mas :wink: Great job… man… tentacles coming out of his head and everything eh! sweet!

Da Crusha:

very nicely done mini. Bravo!


Yeah, think it’s the first one, here - other than Dave’s own painted ones, of course.


How did you paint the green armour?

started with a black undercoat, the basis is I believe called goblin green, I then gave it a wash made out of water, green and a brown paint and then quickly started blending in the goblin green again (while still quite wet), finally by adding more and more white to the goblin green I builded up the layers of higlighting.


wow, looks great.

kinda wanna try that coloring for some of mine


Looks great. Thought not the classical “dynamic” pose most minis have it still feels alive. Maybe it is just me but it looks as if he’s struggling up a snowy mountain during a blizzard. Especially when you look how it holds the staff and the angle the head is in, like he’s pushing against the wind.

Hats off to you!

Cheers, D.


Awesome paintjob! :hat off

This shows how great/detailed Dave’s minis are!

Now I’m much avid to paint them by myself! :smiley:


Dave King:


Officially the first ever painted one I have seen. Congratulations on a great job!

I have this huge sense of closure now!

You made my Christmas!




Officially the first ever painted one I have seen.  Congratulations on a great job!

I have this huge sense of closure now!

You made my Christmas!

Dave King
Thanks mate :)

Was a lovely figure to paint, loads of details and a great pose.

Some details; I didn't paint the sixth finger on his left hand, was too extreme for my taste ;P
I added the left horn for balans (I assume this was only left out due to possible casting issues?)


Great work n a classic mini

Dave King:

Re: Left horn

Nope, I just felt like breaking one off. :slight_smile: The Six fingers was a lame Princess bride gag.