[Archive] Beer and Ebay don't Mix!


After two months on a self imposed No Buy “Stoppage”. I have failed spectacularly. Telegrim Flamebeard became available and it was the last Citadel 3rd ed I needed. So the button went click. Paid too much but … Then I saw the last of the citadel CD crossbow I needed and thought yeh do it. and then I saw a hobgoblin wolf rider cloak and I have two riders without them so again CLICK. No that was about $30.00 australian all up. Not too bad you would say. Then what would you say about the other $270.00 dollars that I just had to have 'cause i liked it or … Oh bugger i don’t know… but click, click, click because my trigger finger was unleashed.


I know exactly what you mean.

“Oooh, 3rd ed Dark Elf shields. And I wonder if that oop Keeper of Secrets is on here. 4 Trolls for how much?! Havin’ them.”

I have a WoC army amassed solely from eBay. No idea what I’m going to do with it.

Its bad. Don’t drink and eBay.


“Beer and Ebay don’t Mix!!” Amen to that brother. You should probably add super late night or tired buying to that list too. Or that ‘just got paid’ feeling where you think you have more to spend than you actually do.

I think just about everybody has had that OMG moment when the realization of what you’ve just done clicks in. Happens to me every time I leave a GW store… (~like did I really need that entire unit and white dwarf on top of what I went in for, couple that with the inevitable balance check where you realize how much you really shouldn’t have done that, owch)

On the other hand I would still not have a Hellcannon model if not for one of those moments…


oh my, good thing I dont drink!


I don’t even need the beer to have that sort of moment on eBay.

Fortunately just recently I’ve managed to be very strict with myself and am selling more than I’m buying. Every free listing weekend I’m thinning my collection out a bit, though that’s all going to go to hell in a hand-basket come games day :confused:




It “pays” not to have my own Ebay, I have friend who I “abuse” for that. But it adds an extra layer of work between me and impulse buys.

However a few weeks ago I happened to surf in on Maelstrom to check their then voucher, didn’t want anything but suddenly remembered the “used” section. “OOoooooh bitz lots, I must have some of those, only 2,5 hrs to go, must phone friend quick-quick”.
We bid on a whole bunch and my friend was constantly going “you don’t need that” and I’m all “yes yes look at that, shiny”. I ended up buying 97£ worth of random bitz in large lots. I went to pick them up from my friend and didn’t really react to the whole “gonna pick your boxes up anytime soon?” until I got there and realised how much it was. And I didn’t even win all auctions… Luckily it’s from eBay so it isn’t real money…right?

This is why I’ve decided not to register personally on eBay. Sure I miss out on deals, no question. But I probably save waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more on not being to splurge whenever. Luckily I don’t like the taste of beer.

And some people claim the vouchers aren’t working for Maelstrom…


Sound familliar (although I never spend that much in one go). Clean u and resell everything you dont really need is an option to lower the pain.

Oh and make your self paint those CD’s real quick as thats the least you could do. (and you’ve been an bad boy d; )


I don´t need beer to do spend questionable amounts of money on ebay… my recipe: boredom and shinyness… a couple of years ago, when i started warhammer, it took me 6 months to spend 3500 �,�…

… 5 years later, i finally managed to get my account to even… damn ebay! (and shiny models!)

another thing that didn´t help was my “I placed a bet so I have to win!” - habit … and my “if I can´t win this auction at least you are going to pay!”- habit… I won´t go into detail here, i think you get the idea…

Hashut’s Blessing:

My problem is that I tend to think “that’d be cool to have. So would that. That too.” and bid on several and think of extra things to bid on, etc. Combined with the whole “I probably won’t win that one, so I’ll bid here as well.” thing, it can be deadly :smiley: On top of all of that, I often bid on multiples of the same model anyway!

With the free weekend things, I’ve considered adding things for sale as well, but the % taken from the winning bid was overly outrageous and thusly haven’t taken advantage… Basically, up to about £1 to add it in and then it was taking a little over 20% of my winnings too!!!


Ebay is evil; I want every 3rd ed I don’t have that is on there. Luckily, the missus tells me I can’t buy anything until I paint all the ones I have right now.

Also, I only enter my max bid once, so I don’t spend more than I plan to do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have placed myself on a complete ban from buying on Ebay until GW either releases a new Dwarf armybook or WF finishes with their line of Chaos releases so I can figure how much I need to spend. Besides I have hundreds of models that are still just sitting in boxes and containers waiting for me to paint them. Plus the 300+ Grenadier models I horribly painted when I was young that need to be either stripped or sold so that I can just replace them with new shineys.


Ebay is evil; I want every 3rd ed I don't have that is on there. Luckily, the missus tells me I can't buy anything until I paint all the ones I have right now.

Amen to that. My girl looks at me talking about 'amazing deals', then looks at the 'shelf of shame' (7k more of beasts, 9k of dark elves, 6 k of WoC) and says "when you finish those...or sell them".

Honestly, I've found espresso and e-bay far worse than drinking.

Espresso is a stimulant, and feeling that "I'm on top of the world on a brass throne of F***ing high elf skulls!" when you bid.


pure trouble.

that and my tax return went straight back out the door.
Economy, I stimulate thee!!!!


Economy, I stimulate thee!!!!



It also happens with Play.com; you come home after e few beers with friends (or a few more than that), you check your mail and do a bit of browsing online, and 2 weeks later all these comics an dvd’s start showing up (:


It was the marauder M44 Cockatrice, the Grenadier Skeletal mammoth, some Karnaks RoR (definitely ooh shiny there) and the well I bought one thing so I’ll buy other stuff and save on postage.


..... and the well I bought one thing so I'll buy other stuff and save on postage.

Thats how ended up with 5 eagles, a 3dr ed. greater demon of Khorne and some small dragons.. very dangerous indeed.