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should i buy infernal warriors with hand weapon shield or with fireglaives? seriously?

the other day i was on the website and made an impulse buy and bought the infernal warriors with fireglaives, but now i’m thinking that was not smart.

should i put 13 infernal warriors with fireglaives with full command or 20 infernal warriors with full command?

here is the 2000 point army i wanna use:

sorcer prophet

enchanted shield

despell scroll

potion of healing

(lore of metals)


charmed shield


iron curse cross

(lore of fire)(baby sits war machines)



trickster’s helm

dawn stone



LA, shield, spear

33 infernal guard


13 infernal guard



death shrieker

magma cannon

6 fireburners

So here is the big question.

what is better (and please only answer if you’ve played a few games, i can do the math-hammer myself and as well know it never goes how math-hammer tells you it should) should i take the 13 infernal guard with fireglaives or 20 infernal guard with shield hand weapon combo? i like the idea of having a unit hang back and help protect the war machines, but i can’t help but feel that i’d rather have another block of infantry marching up with my line. i’ll cut down my unit of 33 to 29 and put another unit of 19. so please answer honestly.

if that is the case, anyone interested in buying 10 infernal guard with fireglaives? i need my money back minimum please and thank you.


Fireglaives are totally useless.

Da Crusha:

I would go hand weapon and shield. fire glaives are pretty expensive to field… on the plus side you can shoot and then have S5 in combat.


Admittedly I’ve only had two games using them so far but I’ve had one game where they shone (both in combat and shooting) and one game where they were wiped off the board in fairly short order.

On the whole I’m happy with them as a unit and would certainly take them in games.  you just need to take care with deploying them one unit of 20 in 2 ranks of 10 ensures all can shoot and they can do a fair bit of damage.



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you just need to take care with deploying them one unit of 20 in 2 ranks of 20 ensures all can shoot and they can do a fair bit of damage.

That's good maths! As long as you can make your opponent agree with you :idea

I agree with Vogon in the games I've had. A lot of people shoot them down straight away as useless because they're expensive in points.

In the battles I have played the do pretty well, if you use them well by getting some good shots off (maybe augmented by a spell) then get them in combat with a moderately tough opponent.

They might be slow but they hit hard and take a lot of punishment. I think the trick is to deploy them right and use diverters or something to get the match up you want.

I would say that 13 is to small a unit though, a unit of 20 would be better and in a 2000 point list your 33 could easily transfer some dwarfs over and still be as effective.

Final point! I would say hand weapon and shield Infernals are a better choice in most situations due to their cheaper cost and resilience, but I rarely get let down by fireglaives.


thanks for the feedback guys!!

i really was torn about whether i should keep them or sell them on ebay and buy some more hand weapon/shield infernals.

with this feedback i’ll give them a shot and see how they perform before i list them on ebay.

your saying minimum unit 20 though eh? that’s tricky and expensive, i’ll try 13 of them first.