[Archive] Belgian Grand Open Fantasy

The Besieger:

Hey al :slight_smile:

Three weeks past we got the Belgian Grand Open Fantasy Tournament.

On day 1 we done 3 battles & day 2 we done 2 battles.

2 days loooots of fun and great battles. :slight_smile:

The blunderbuss unit where ok. :slight_smile:

And when there was a bulding or a tower it was for the blunderbuss unit :).

The Iron Daemon Skullcracker was super :).

When it was possible i placed 1 or 2 Iron Daemons between my 2 CD units.

With this i tried protect the Iron Daemon flank.

Once the where in CC where i planned , it was Rock-'n-roll.

On the second day the told me that my army was in the final for best painted army.

Ofc i dint won this because there where beter painted armies.

But it was cool to be in the top 5 of 38 players. )

battle 1 vs lizardmen LOSE

A very good battle.

Maybe it was possible to push it in a DRAW.

But at the end he was a beter player. :slight_smile:

battle 2 vs warriors of chaos DRAW

I got 1580 victory points more vs WoC player.

But end in a DRAW because the different must be 1750 victory points.

A unit chosen was the playgarden for my Iron Daemon Skullcracker :).

battle 3 vs dark elves DRAW

I was close winning this battle.

But the Dark Elves player used Pit of Shades on both Iron Daemons.

And both times he was trying to cast it as irresistible force.

He know i was holding my dispel dice & dispel scroll for this.

So he used the Sacrificial Dagger 5 times till he got irresistible force.

(same with the second Iron Daemon).

Because this the battle end in a DRAW.

Later at home i seen how wrong he was with using that magic item.

(for my self i claim this battle as a win)

battle 4 vs vampire counts WIN

I got 2038 Victory points more vs the vamp player.

Both Iron Daemons done  Rock-'n-roll on the battlefield.

battle 5 vs vampire counts : LOSE

He got 2185 voctory points of me.

I got only 1 Iron Daemon & Daemonsmith left.

A wrong deployment of me & some bad moves + bad rolls

vs a very good player = auto LOSE.

But it was fun :slight_smile: .

Belgian Grand Open Fantasy

Chaos Dwarfs

2400 PTS

LORDS 420 pts



Upgrade :

Level 4

Blood of Hashut

The Lore of Hashut

Magic Items :

Black Hammer of Hashut

Enchanted Shield

Talisman of Preservation

The Other Trickster’s Shard

HEROES 327 pts


Infernal Castellan

Upgrade :

Battle Standard Bearer


Magic Items :

The Mask of the Furnace

Warrior Bane

Daemonsmith Sorcerer

Upgrade :

The Lore of Fire

Magic Items

Charmed Shield

Dispel Scroll

CORE 628 pts


18 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard

Upgrade :

Full Command

Hailshot Blunderbuss

20 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard

Upgrade :

Full Command

SPECIAL 820 pts


Chaos Dwarf Magma Cannon

Upgrade :


Iron Daemon

Upgrade :


Iron Daemon

Upgrade :



RARE 205 pts




thanks for the report… interesting army selection but not bad results!!! I hate to ask but do you have some pics with better lighting?

Da Crusha:

wow a lot of draws. I rarely ever get draws. its usually a win or a loss for me.

@brotsworrow: you can see better pics of his army at his blog http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1938&page=1


One quick thing. The sac dagger can only be used once per casting so he could not of stabbed 5 times


Nice list, never thought about double ID’s before. Just lucky you never faced a Ogre force though.