[Archive] Bergioyn's Big Hats


So, this is the start of my Big Hat army blog! I’ve liked the big hats for ages but couldn’t afford an army until recently, but now I can, so here I am. Haven’t had much time for hobby stuff due to thesis, but hopefully that’ll change now that it’s finished. My Dawi Zharr are a bit different due to their colouring, but I hope that won’t be an issue. I think the blue scheme helps highlight the fact that even if corrupted and chaotic, Chaos Dwarfs are still Dwarfs at the end of the day. The Black Orcs, and a couple of the axemen and the two bullcentaurs in the back and parts of the bolt thrower aren’t painted by me, but the rest are, and most future additions will be aswell. I’ll propably take better pics when I find a proper light box for sale somewhere but for now, here they are:

The Warmachine pics are tiny because for some blasted reason they refuse to upload at any decent size.


A great looking start to your army!


Ditto. A nice start and welcome to the ranks


Welcome to the bighats side! :hat off


Thanks you all. Looking forward to expanding the army - I’ve got loads ready to paint!