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I’m planning on starting a Blood Bowl league here in Antwerp (with the mission to make it last some years), and discussions are running high about who should play which team, and which one is now ultimately the best…

I made it simple for myself. I used to play halflings, and though I still love 'em, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for norse (and no, it has nothing to do whith them being bare-chested and wearing skimpy loincloths), because it’s the one team I’ve always feared facing on a pitch.

I was just wondering, what people here think is THE BEST team and why, and what they play themselves (if they play at all).



Halflings because Treeman whacking the crap out of ones foes on the front line is too cool.

“The Fighting Anklebiters” are my team!


Treemen have gotten a lot better since 4th edition… The most painfull moment in BB was when both of them just headed off to go stand in a forest for the first half. I’m glad they don’t do so anymore.

That being said, halflings for the win!!!

Da Crusha:

I have heard that Orcs are the easiest to start out with (so I started with them). I have Heard that dwarfs are really good because they already start with desirable skills and once you start giving them skills they become really good quickly. I am still relatively new to Bloodbowl but the one tournament I went to, Norse was the winning team (also the guy has been playing bloodbowl for 15 years or so). amazons are also really good because of the starting skills. elf teams are nice because of their high agility. I have also Heard that depending on how long the league will go will also determine which team is best since some teams need more time to develop.


Very good points da crusha. My first team and still my favourite though are my orcs…they just sum up everything blood bowl is about… Besides i’m not competitive when I play… I play hard and dirty and very violent with a small amount of skill(and hopefully) a large amount of luck but most of all I just like to have fun therefore orcs are best for me!


i think CDs are the best, i mean:


give him the ball, and your opponent will have a very very hard time to recapture it.

but looking at your poll, i think it’s not fair for the orcs to be placed in the same vote as goblins…

orcs are a really good team for people just starting, but that isn’t true for goblins.

goblins are a very hard team to play with, and GW did that on purpose, for the more experienced players to be equal to the more “novice” players (if you know what i mean).

the same goes for dwarfs and chaos dwarfs.

not that dwarfs are very much harder to play with, but you can’t compare them.

that’s the same with all kinds of elves and humans.


Orcs and humans are probably best to start with since they both have a bit of everything. Apart from a few teams that were intended to be underpowered (and it now says so in the rules now, after I complained that I seemed to pick those teams when I first started the game - I mean who would expect DE to be difficult?) the rest are relatively balanced. I liked Orcs best since you can emphasise different aspects of the game quite easily.


Beards for the win!!


@Fequiil: sorry, maybe I should have put goblins in with halflings and ogres…

I also really like the new Khemri… being able to sport 4 mummies (S5!) at the start of a tournament is really good in my opinion. When pondering further about this, Lizardmen are about the same, being able to field 6 saurus (S4).

If I should get tired of my norse (who, except for one draw, remain unbeaten), I might try out amazons, though I fear that they will lose their edge in longer runnning leagues as the one I am planning now.

As for new players, I’d advise to start with any sort of dwarfs. IMO, they’re the simplest teams to break through a defence and take a run for the endzone.


@Fequiil: sorry, maybe I should have put goblins in with halflings and ogres...

nope, you should have given them a separate spot n the poll.;)


Only 10 options available in a poll… or did I choose a wrong option somewhere?


Only 10 options available in a poll... or did I choose a wrong option somewhere?

oops... forgot about that...
yeah, that might have made it very hard.

Da Crusha:

I also really like the new Khemri... being able to sport 4 mummies (S5!) at the start of a tournament is really good in my opinion.

actually if you are using the competition rulebook, which combined with some other material becomes living Rulebook 6 which is the most current edition of the rules, you'll see that Khemri can no longer take mummies, and instead field Tomb Guardians. They are a weaker version of the mummy, the Strength is the same but the skills are worse. They said that in previous editions of the rulebook Khemri was overpowered so they weakened them.

Here is a link to the competition rules


I have to say humans are the best but you got to have an orge in the team , with them being a jack of all traits you are never lacking in one area to much. i have done my human team as the bad bay hackers from the blood bowl books and i even have peg leg as team owner :smiley:


i have a orc team, a human team, a ogre team and a chaos team.

I think that human and orc are very simple to play because they have a bit of everything.

The ogre and chaos are nice, but too marked on the fight

The goblin and the halfing are very characteristic, but not very much competitive

The undead are nice, but the agility is too low, so i don’t like them

The dwarf and cd are very strong and resistence, and i think they are a good choise for a tournament

the elves and the skaven are really difficult to use, but very strong if you are a good player…


Chaos Dwarfs ! my BB team.


I’m a big fan of Wood Elves because they’re much more forgiving when you want to make the audacious play. You can skill up to cover their weaknesses but you can’t coach speed. Plus, treemen are awesome on the line of scrimage.


I think the current NAF ranking is this:

1. Wood elfs

2. Undead

3. Amazon

4. Skaven

5. Chaos dwarfs


Not a fan of you poll, just because a race shares similiar physical attributes doesn’t meen they play similiarly.

But as for favorite teams, mine are skaven and chaos dwarfs. Skaven for speed and skill access (everything bar extrodinary skills with doubles) chaos dwarfs because they can bash as well as dwarfs and keep up with the fast teams thank to the bull centaur. :hat off


Is that in a continued league, or just for 10-ish matches?

As with the poll… it seems I have listed amazons twice (sorry for that), and I only get 10 options… so I had to make do with what I had/thought most logical to put together.


That’s the NAF ranking.
The NAF is the fantastic fan network that reports and tabulates all blood bowl tournement results around the world, that’s the current standings of how good a team is based on the number of casulatys caused and received, the number of touchdowns for and against and the number of matches won.
Almost every tourny around the world is NAF ranked and the ones that arnt you could count on one hand. So the numbers are pretty solid :wink: