[Archive] "Best of" thread?


Does anyone else think it’d be a good idea to start a pinned “best of CDO” thread for newer members and old. I know several of the threads I was inspired by are now lost to the depths of the forum. It’d be a simple matter just to leave some descriptions of helpful threads, along with links and a reminder about threadomancy.

On a similar note, perhaps a “best of Hand of Hashut” thread for the content not posted here would be good too


I am all for it.

As you know, I have “best of” threads for the Hobby Section.

I’d encourage you to go ahead and start compiling. Also, you can always rate the good threads 5 stars. :wink:


I vote for a Best of Warplockmonkey’s “Brown Stuff & Green Stuff Mixed modelling putty” Advocacy Public Service Announcements. There should be quite a trail by now.

@Warplock: My apologies. :slight_smile: I have actually given it a go on my Golden Hat thingy… It has its merits (the putty mix, not my entry).

Kera foehunter:

sounds good!!


Shakes fist vigirously at GRNDL


“Best of” : ok but, the way of selection?

Pyro Stick:

Maybe we could all just put forward a selection of threads that we like and then make a compilation of the best of them.


That was my thought Pyro. The showcase already shows some of the best conversions, but cool ideas (like Nemo’s Gitz for example) either don’t get found or get dragged up by unscruppulous new users who post in every old thread and bury new ones. My idea would include cool conversions from those without galleries, discussions of old fluff which those new to CDs haven’t heard of, discussions of what prices are “fair” on ebay and explaining who Essex Girl is. Particullarly entertaining off-topic discussions. Basically our favorite threads from each section of the site, which we wouldn’t mind being dragged up from time to time