[Archive] Better Chaos Dwarfs Army on ebay



Ohi Bearded friends.

I used to peruse this forum back in the day, before joining the service and moving all over the world. My luggage full of warhammer finally caught up with me.

Since I know the basic premise is -lets help our CD brethren get the models so they are put to good use- I thought I would create a username -my old one doesn’t work anymore and post here that there was a reasonable priced army out there for the CD fanatic that might want it. I rather hope that the army goes to a good home and looks bad ass and enslaves many the nonbeliever.

Good luck.

here’s a link in case my hypertexting didn’t work


Time of Madness:

Sad to see you selling. I did the same thing though, got rid of all my metal big hats. I’ve gone and picked up the forge world chaos dwarfs, you should do the same.

Time of Madness


Perhaps eventually. Currently I have like 4k empire, dwarfs, dow, each. And like 10k chaos and night gobbos. I’m keeping the gobbos and dow, since they’re silly. I like painting my gobbos. They’ve won a bunch of tournaments and comp/painting competitions.

Then 40k I got thousands of points in sm, csm, slaneeshi, nurgle, and have never played 40k. Consolidation to 1 army incoming. Ya know.


two hours left on this one…