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Since I don’t want to upset any mods by going off topic in Asheira’s return post, I’ll start a new one here!

My favourite alcoholic beverage is vodka. it’s versatile and goes in almost any mix.

vote on yours!


Whiskey- Jack and Coke

Cabo Wabo tequlia


Bass Ale

Harp Ale



For Manliness sake, I will select Whisky. Though I tend to only drink things that taste good. I don’t drink a lot of alcohol at all.

Whisky Sour is what I would drink, I suppose, though I do prefer Amaretto Sour. I also enjoy Bailey’s. I have been known to choke down Vodka (usually with Cranberry Juice) or Rum (with Cola), but I generally do not enjoy it.

I was once able to drink a beer after a long day of working on my basement. but that’s the only time I have consumed more than a few sips of the stuff.


my drink of choice has to be bacardi & coke, i used to drink those like a trooper until recently when i got my driving license. its far cheaper to take the car when you go the pub and drink coke (free soft drinks if you take ur car keys to my local!) than it is to get bladdered and taxi it home.

especially as if i give my mates a lift and they are bladdered, then i can claim taxi fees myself!

though i do like guiness and lager too.

especially if it is a really hot day (obviously hot to us here in the UK is luke warm to those across the sea where the nice weather lives), then nothing quenches your thirst like a cold pint of lager.

Ancient History:

Teetotaler, I.


I voted ‘other’ to represent diet coke, since I’m also a teetotaler. I’m old enough to drink (in the UK at least) but I’ve never really enjoyed it.


First one here to vote beer; I’m a bit disappointed.

I like all kinds of beer, and experiment with every new one I come across. Polish beer is the worst. Over 10% alcohol is not meant for beers! Krieks and Framboise are new interesting ones I’ve come across; beer that tastes like Cherry pop is very strange but good.

Wine is excellent with dinner, as beer drowns the taste of a lot of food. Other than that, I’m not much into hard alcohol; I drink it like I drink beer, which tends to make me extremely drunk with a horrible hang over.

I can’t believe Xander says whiskey tastes good opposed to beer. Whiskey is so harsh…


I drink beer for the sake of my wallet, but whiskey will always have my heart.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

other for me as i like water :shy: no i’m not some sort of wuss it’s just i don’t like achol :shy: and fizzy suft is not my favourite :shy:

Father Grumpmas:

Vailima (Samoan Beer)

PS Whiskey is the irish version, Whisky is what the beastly Americans call Scotch (ask a Scots person about this and you will see what I mean) and Bourbon is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord and only suitable for mixing with cola :cheers


Since I brew my own, I’d have to say beer. Proper beer, not that weak American brown water “drink chilled so it freezes your taste buds and you can’t tell how crap it is”.

Other than that, vodka is great. Most other high alcohol drinks have a strange taste to them that I don’t like, whereas vodka is almost tasteless (unless you get the cheap stuff that smells like meths) with a slight hint of something nice.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I found I like to drink pints of a 1:1:1 ratio of brandy, malibu and vodka. Incredibly nice…

I also quite like skittle vodka, but it takes too long to brew up.

Normally, it’s good old cider for me :smiley: I’ve been known to down half-bottles of everybody elses drinks at the same time (2 seconds for half a bottle :wink: ) and it helps to keep me sober by mixing, which is odd :smiley:

I don’t drink often and I don;t drink much, but I can swill it down better than most.

Just remembered, I like black vodka too. Still, cider for me, all the way. Sometimes, I mix it up by having a pint of lemonade though…


My favorite beverage is not alcoholic, it is lemonade (lemonade is not a girly drink). I also like juices. I don’t drink alot of pop (soda). In terms of alcoholic beverage, shots of Jägermeister is my favorite, Whiskey on the rocks comes in second.

I’m taking a break from drinking alcohol after a bad hangover induced by a night drinking shots of Jägermeister, Whiskey and cokes, Whiskey sours, and playing a lot of games of quarters with keystone (never drink this stuff:sick).

Hashut’s Blessing:

By lemonade, I meant the English version. However, cloudy lemonade is awesome as well. Usually, as in when it’s not alcohol nights or whatever/your average day, it’s water all the way for me!


what’s English lemonade!? I love lemonade :slight_smile:

I never used to drink beer until recently, within the last year, I just started drinking it to be social (easier to ask for a beer than a vodka7 when you’re at someone’s place). so I can handle beer. My issue is it’s a lot of liquid for very little pay off. and when I say payoff, I mean I feel no effect of it until many beers later, so I usually end up mixing it up between beer and hard liquor. luckily I don’t get hang overs. :wink:

@ Theory: Jagerbombs are popular over here, but I can’t handle energy drinks. they make me feel odd… I don’t like the feeling at all. I’ve never done straight shots of jagermeister though. I imagine it’s good though.

@ Grish: 10% Polish beer? sounds good. when I come visit Xander in July sometime, we’ll all have a grand ol’ time. haha.

Kera foehunter:

Kesser blended wiskey it a smooth wiskey Made for us girls or sissy guys

Barcardi rum

Btw willmark love thows Kamikazes. There a bar by me that sells them by the pitcher

omg you will not drive home that night.

And for beer budwierser


@ Theory: Jagerbombs are popular over here, but I can't handle energy drinks. they make me feel odd... I don't like the feeling at all. I've never done straight shots of jagermeister though. I imagine it's good though.

I don't do Jagerbombs either.

Jägermeister is good shot and has a unique flavor.


Kesser blended wiskey it a smooth wiskey Made for us girls or sissy guys
Barcardi rum
Btw willmark love thows Kamikazes. There a bar by me that sells them by the pitcher
omg you will not drive home that night.
And for beer budwierser

Kera foehunter
The puking up bile nights were the nights of drinking 20+ kamikazes in a row... :sick

Pyro Stick:

I had to vote Beer. Kronenberg and Cobra ftw.


see, to me, budweiser, kronenberg, stella, cobra and all those are Lager, not Beer.

Beer is thicker and tends to be flat, like John Smiths or Boddingtons.