[Archive] BFSP 2 handed weapon warriors


Heres my first unit of warriors with 2 handed weapons from BFSP



[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


The Flying Beaver:

The crook weapons are really cool. It reminds me of a very evil version of Little Bo Peep keeping the herd of slaves under control.


Very nice, simple but strong colour scheme.

A few suggestions though:

I assume the bases aren’t finished yet so I’d recommend painting and maybe flocking them.

Also I would paint the eye sockets black, as now they seem to have completely closed masked; or maybe they have no eyes… :), just a nitpick though.

The weapons are very cool indeed…



The crook weapons are from the chaos marauder banners. Paint is not finished by far but playable by my standards. I cant decide on how to base them yet, lava seems fitting but overdone.


Great work (especially those cool horned heads), but as said above basing would do wonders just to round them off.
Why not just a rocky surface with a few sprouting roots?
Or you could do an ornate stone floor.


Have these been dipped?

I love the eye parts on the masks, I will definately steal that idea :slight_smile:


Wow, these are very cool looking! Nice work, I look forward to more!

Pyro Stick:

They are awesome. Great paint job. I cant tell if you have done anything with the bases or no though