[Archive] bfsp bolt thrower?

puppet host:


im wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to convert a bolt thrower out of the bfsp set, so if anyone has any helpful advise please post


I could see one being made from the cannon. Completely remove the barrel of the cannon and replace it with a large cross-bow shaped appendage. You may need some plasticard to make that.

A more simple method is the Harpoon Gun Bolt Thrower made with the use of the Miner Boxed Set. :slight_smile:


I have made one from the grudge ponny weagon : boltthrower

Ghrask Dragh:

furrie wins! thats the one to do :hat off


Furrie that is a pretty inventive idea, kudos.

puppet gathering:

wow furrie that looks great i think thats what i might do thankyou for that


no problem

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Kera foehunter:

so Furrie how many of these bolt thower you have now???


1, I don’t have more grudge pony weagons :stuck_out_tongue: