[Archive] BFSP Chaos Dwarf: First Attempt


here is my first attempt at a BFSP Chaos Dwarf…

Obviously I have a ways to go before I can convert like xandar does, but I think it’s a good start. I opted for more of a welder style mask since I couldn’t figure out a good eye/mouth molding part, and other people have such cool masks. thoughts? suggestions?

Kera foehunter:

thats a good start i like the armmor.the mask look cool too


looks good


i say thats a very good first attempt. the armour looks good. i think the beard looks a little flat but im sure it will look fine painted.

the masks a but blank at the moment, but as i assume your making a whole regiment by the time you have done 20 or so they will be fantastic.


I’ll echo torns comments. Good for first attempt but not so flat for the beards.


Definitely a good start. For the beard I would try to use something sharper for making the indents. Press softer so you only impact the green stuff a small amount. We want to add very small indents, not dent the whole GS cylinder. :slight_smile:


yes a good start, but if you wanna a more Xander’ish look - then why not check out his guides on the starter side under navigation (Hobby Guides) :wink:

However I’ll like to see what you decide to give them as weapons - keep them coming ErsatzGnomes :slight_smile:


just had a thought, something which might help if you having trouble with the masks, if they are fairly blank like the one above but you want more detail, before the greenstuff has dried just stick in a couple of horns stolen from your bits box if you have any.


I’m sort of unhappy with the masks, not because they aren’t detailed, but because they’re sort of a pain to make… I’m on the lookout for something cool to use in it’s place, was going to try berserker heads but they look to be too large scale-wise.


Great job for your first! And don’t worry about your sculpting skills, early lads weren’t too hot and only recently have they improved (Slightly).