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I know many of you have taken advantage of the great deal that is Battle for Skull Pass as it includes both (hob)goblins and Dwarfs. I also intend to do this soon but one thing that I came across was what to do with the Spider Riders.

So my question to you is what did you do with yours?



Hashut’s Blessing:

I haven’t yet, but I plan to convert the forest goblins somehow into being more hobgoblinish and possible changing some stuff about the spiders and using them as HG wolfriders (ruleswise!).


I am also going to convert them into wolfrider’s.

P.S:this idea is very unoriginal.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yes, it MAY be unoriginal, but as you can see, it is widely used.


hm… i have some problems to imagine giant spiders running through the Plains of Zharr ^^

but i have no ideas how to use them, too. they are the only minis in the boy i have no use for… but the minis look nice :hat off


LAVA SPIDERS! Basically imagine the spiders re-based on lava bases, a “balrog” paint scheme and the gobbos converted to fit in with the industrial look of the Chaos Dwarfs. Here be my fluff:

“Many bands of Greenskins inadvertantly arrive in the realm of the chaos dwarfs. Most of these are either enslaved or else killed, either by the Dawi’zharr or simply falling to the hostile environment of the Darklands. However, if an orc Waaaagh! should enter the dominion of Zhaar Naggrund, then a mighty battle will often ensue, the orcs being cut down in their hundreds and thousands by the deadly weapons and sorceries of the Chaos Dwarfs, while all the while slaves are fed into the meatgrinder of combat, forming a living wall between the fallen Dawi and their foes. In the Chaos Dwarf’s own lands these battles will usually end only one way, and the tribes are scattered by the might of the Sorcerers and their clans.

It was after one such battle that a band of Forest Goblin Spider Riders fled into the volcanic peaks of the Darklands, using the rocky landscape to evade the Chaos Dwarf’s hobgoblin servants that pursued them on deadly wolves. Many died in this most hostile of environments. However, in the far north the power of Chaos is great and instead of perishing, many of these creatures were changed. The Goblins grew larger, and their arachnid mounts mutated, becoming molten creatures, sustained rather than killed by their volcanic homes.

While undoubtably now tougher than normal Goblins however, the tribe were no match for the Chaos Dwarfs. When an expedition discovered the tribes, they were quickly quashed. Rather than sending them to the mines, the Sorcerer accompanying the slavers recognised the usefulness of such speedy and agile troops that were as much at home in the mountains as the Dawi’zharr and their weak cousins. The Lava Goblins as they became known, are first entered into the book of Grudges of Karak Hirn for their part in the destruction of a mining expedition which was set upon by Dawi’zharr slavers. While following a narrow pass, the Dawi found their path blocked by a shield wall of their twisted kin. The dwarfs attacked, but found themselves attacked from behind by the hobgoblin wolf scouts that had been trailing them, as well as from above by the spider riders dropping into the pass from the mountain sides. Attacked from three sides and with the mountains trapping them, not one dwarf escaped.”

The Flying Beaver:

That’s a fantastic idea AGPO! I think I’m going to use that one myself!

Bazhrakk the Cruel:

I replaced the forest goblins with night goblins for my night goblin army. I now have 20 forest goblins that i dont know what to do with.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

There are lava spiders in World of Warcraft. At least there were back when I played that game. ;o) These fit quite nicely into a barren, volcanic landscape, actually!

The Slaver:

cool idea with the lava spiders! i play with a bunch of folks who use goblins and Orcs (one guy has a whole 3 boxes full of night gobos) and plan on splitting them with them for bits or other trades. Now i may have to rethink that…


I should be starting work on a concept model this week, once I finish a unit of HW&S warriors. I’ll try and balg a camera so i can post it


I could imagine spider riders in chaos dwarf armies. They could use them in the mines to scout for new places to mine out ore, and such, they’d be rather good at moving underground.


YEAH! I can totally see a bunch of spiders lurking in dark mine shafts all shelob-style. There was totally a place in everquest that was a dwarf town infested with giant insects and it was all underground and mine-like and thta worked fine.


I just think that’s the most suitable reason. There could be others, I just think that’s the main reason they’re kept alive.

The Flying Beaver:

I must say, I love where this is going. Suddenly those spider riders don’t seem so useless.


Well I just made my spiders(lava spiders),and I could not se wolves living in this enviroment I mean for one the air there would kill them and they would enhale to much ash but spiders I have no trouble seeing in there.Oh before I forget AGPO thanks for the fluff.


I’ve already done some wolf riders…

My bspiders will be used to convert some insecttigors to count as centigors or warhounds in my beastman army.


- Kyte


Nice idea Kyte, I may try this one myself. Another idea I had was to attach plaguebearer torsos and use them as plagueriders for a daemon army and chosen knights of nurgle in a standard chaos army, but I think this would make them too front heavy.

Traitor King:

nah, AGPO, they’re too small to have a plaguebearer on, deamons are huge compared to even humans and escpeically goblins!


You misunderstand me TK, I was thinking more of a centaur-like type of arrangement. I.e. plaguebearer torsos but with the abdomen of a giant spider. I’d repose them to make them seem taller and more dynamic and attach the plaguebearer torso to where the head is at the moment. I’d remove the front sets of legs and have them standing on the back four with a set of sharp spider limbs used for combat plus the original plaguebearer hands. Obviously Nurgle style boils etc would have to be added. I would certainly never consider mounting plaguebearers on the spiders