[Archive] BFSP Warrior with Hammer


For my second unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors, I am going with a new mask and look, to make the units distinct. My second unit will be based off the Shovel Crewman from the Hellcannon.

Take a look:

I may enter this model for the contest, but I am also working on a couple of other candidates as well. I will have to chose my favourite I suppose. I have been asked what happens if I win the contest, where does the prize go? In such a case, I will send the prize to the runner up. :slight_smile: At least I can still enter the contest this way. :slight_smile:

I’d appreciate your thoughts on this guy. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I REALLY like the idea of using the cog on the shield. How much and where from? (HC set at a guess…) Also, I think that CW hammerhead works surprisingly well with the model. I’d comment more, but have made myself late for work and must (literally) run now. But, it looks cool!



the Bib-type thing looks a bit odd going over the shield. That’s just a niggling thing for me I guess, since the Hellcannon crew model it looks like it just goes flat over the beard. So my first thought would be it should be behind the shield.

Could be just me though,

but I do think the model looks really cool. The cog on the shield works as well.


The cog thing I found at a hardware store. They are 10 cents CDN each. :slight_smile: I wish I had tons of those hammers, but I do not. I will probably use a mix of Hammers and Picks.

The bib does extent a bit too far. It was my first experiment with the molded bit, in truth, I should have cut a bit more off the head, making is further back. I really like the Cog, it’s 8 pointed like a Chaos Star, but it’s a gear so it’s quite Chaos Dwarfy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys. :cheers


he is pretty cool, how long shall we wait for painted pics?


I will probably paint him in the next few days.


On the bottom left photo, what’s with that gap immediately behind his shield?

Looks like some mail should be there?

The Flying Beaver:

I like the look of him Xander. Your scale mail is looking better too. Unfortunately, since you’ve posted this guy prematurely, he won’t be eligible for the contest (The rules state that entries can’t have been posted previously.). Sorry…


@TFB: But he hasn’t been posted previously to the announcement of the contest. It does not state that it cannot be posted previously to the end of the contest itself. I made this guy for the contest… o.O I am working on another guy, who I might be entering anyway.

@Grim: The gap is the side of the skirt, it looks a bit larger than it actually is. In need of some filing, it seems.

Uzkul Werit:

Just out of interest, how did you do the cog thingy on the shield?


I checked my Hardware store for gear-like things, and I found those for 10 cents each. Just check the nuts and bolts section. :slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

But he hasn't been posted previously to the announcement of the contest. It does not state that it cannot be posted previously to the end of the contest itself. I made this guy *for* the contest... o.O I am working on another guy, who I might be entering anyway.
It's not about posting before the announcement of the contest. All contest entries will be released at the same time, and that won't be after the deadline. If you have an entry, don't post it until the deadline!


You’ve been warned! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or at least I have, hehe.


nice job

i see your still obsest with bfsp dwarfs


Obsessed? Naw, I just like to model and make conversions. And the BFSP Warrior base is the cheapest Dwarf base available to make Chaos Dwarfs with.


what about the normal dwarf warrior boxed set it comes with lots of extra bits


As an example of cost, in Canada you can buy 16 Dwarfs for $45. Or you can buy the BFSP set for $75 and you get 12 Dwarf Warriors, 10 Thunderers, 8 Miners, a Thane, a Cannon, a Slayer (30+ Dwarfs) in addition to 60 Night Goblins, 10 Spider Riders and more.

So for my money, it’s BFSP all the way.


I am really liking your stuff Xander. I was going to start an OnG army next, but your site has convinced me to go with the Dawi Zharr. The beauty of it is that I can start with the CD list, then branch out and make an OnG army and a CD themed dwarf army (in fact the only way I’d even consider dwarves).

I really like the “official” hellcannon crew look your going for, and I’m definitly stealing the cog idea. :slight_smile: It’s truly amazing what you can do with BFSP minis, though I’ve got my eye on the megaforce with the new miners.


The Miners will soon be available in it’s own box set.

But yes, a CD army is awesome for having a combo of Dwarfs and Orcs. I am glad you like the look I am going for. I believe in it strongly myself, but it’s good to know others agree with the direction I am heading.


Really nice Xander :hat off I too have been making models based on the shovel crewman. I’ve used the mask for the BfSP miners, and I’m going to try it wit hthe new miners when they come out as well. I’ve converted the metal crewman into a unit champion, and with the BfSP box, a box of 10 miners and my lord that makes a unit of 20 “Furnace Guard” my answer to dwarf miners. (Incidentally, I intend to use them as these when I field the army as “evil dwarfs” using the dawi list.) The only problem I had is that the mask can look a little wide when fitted to the plastic model.