[Archive] Big Ask - Bloodbowl List?


I have a favour to ask any kind gentlemen/women who have the Bloodbowl Rulebook…

Just for the moddeling challenge, i am thinking of making a Lizardmen Bloodbowl team…could someone possibly rustle up a team for me to make?

It hasto be game-legal, so if i finally find someone to play, i can learn the rules and use them!

Many thanks

- Warplock


The living rulebook is a free download of the specialist website.


Yes, but i know pretty much nothing about the game…i was hoping that someone could make me an armylist, and i could learn to play with it!


Google searching there young Padawan, We won’t do your work for you!

However these talks about the basic team (its composition):


The Lizardman Team

This will also help:

FUMBBL :: Online Blood Bowl League


Looks at Wilmark’s links…head swirls with confusion


Well…can you tell me how many saurus, skinks and kroxigor i should have?

Please o’ gracious one, i shall sacrisfice an extra slave to Hashut!


Well if you like you can give the slave to me instead, heh.

As for a list, here’s a recommended standard league list:

6 Saurus

5 Skinks

3 Rerolls

0 FF

1 AC

1 CL

20K Banked towards an Apothecary.

All 6 Saurus are needed near the beginning, as they skill up really slowly. 3 re-rolls is pretty essential for Lizardmen. 5 Skinks to hit the magical number of 11 team members and for ball carrying, running around, etc. AC and CL to help with kickoff results. That’s about it really.


Geckilian you big softy!


Nah. Look at it this way - I could have been cruel and lied completely and given a rubbish roster, heh.


Well, after consulting the rules…OK OK i lie i lie…i just blatantly stole a list ‘recomended’ by a bloke on the internet…

6 Skinks 360,000

4 Saurus 320,000

Soki’tumi (a Star player kroxigor)  180,000

1 Reroll 60,000

8 Fan Factor 30,000


Well i better get cracking! Only another 3 saurus, 2 skinks and half a kroxigor to go!

Sorry Geckilan…i couldnt resist the excuse of sculpting another one of the big guys :wink:


Fair enough, But I’ll just point 1 tiny thing out. If you use that list, after the first game the Star Player will leave. They’re 1 game only. That means you’ll have a rather bad total of 1 re-roll, and only 10 players. Not only that, but after the first game if you intend for the team to continue, get star player points and so forth etc etc, rerolls cost doube.

This means you’d be 200,000 gold down after the first game, with no real benefit, AND you’d be screwed on rerolls. By all means sculpt a kroxigor, just don’t use that list. As a further point, Fan Factor 8 is absolutely useless in Living Rulebook 5, the current rules, as fan factor has far less an impact that the last edition. FF 1, a reroll and 10k saved is better, but overall the Star Player will kill your team.

As a last point, that Star Player also no longer exists in the rules. There is however the Saurus Star Player Silibili, who costs 250,000, and a Skink Star Player called Hemlock, worth 170,000.