[Archive] Big Big Hat army also for sale at eBay.com


And for all us Big Hat lovers:

Take a look here

item: #280202938454

Seller: fatnogle

A complete Big Hat army - consisting of: (a very rare sight)

55 Chaos Dwarf Warriors (inc. 3 champs, 1 musician, 3 Standard Bearers)

2 socerors

2 astrogoths

1 Chaos Dwarf Lords

21 blunderbusses

12 Bull Centaurs (inc champ and Standard Bearer)

22 Hobgoblin Archers

10 Black orcs (inc. Standard Bearer) these are the old plastics with an axe and sword

12 hobgoblin wolf riders (painted inc, boss, big boss, standard bearer and musician)

12 hob goblin wolf riders (no wolfs) incl 2 standard bearers, 1 big boss

4 earthshakers w/crews

1 hobgoblin bolt thrower w/ crew

What is the guy thinking of :mad

I wish I could afford this - but … :frowning:

Pyro Stick:

Thats a fairly monstrous army. A very very good starting point for someone that wants to get into chaos dwarfs. The guy probably would of got more selling it seperately though.


Weah! I think you are right about that! But nice to see, that he is holding it together though.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow, big hat goodness! And four Earthshakers, thats quite impressive.