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It is now time to sell my loved Bighat Chaos Dwarf army. The pictures show what you are purchasing. Im based in Vancouver, Canada and I am willing to ship, but will be at buyers expense. I am only willing to split it up if there is a substantial lot that you’re interested in. Asking $5000 CAD, but open to offers. Please let me know if you have any questions.

2 Astragoth, 1 painted, 1 new in box

2 Sorcerer, 1 painted, 1 primed

2 Lords, 1 painted, 1 primed

2 full command, 1 painted, 1 primed

40 blunderbuess

63 warriors w/axes

50 hobgoblin sneaky gits

30 hobs w/bows, 18 finished, 12 almost done

48 hobs w/axe & shield

3 hobgoblin commands

1 taurus lord

1 sorcerer on lammasu

12 Centaur, 8 painted, 3 metal, 1 badly painted. 2 bosses, 2 banners

14 hoblgoblin wolf riders, 2 Khans, 2 big bosses, 1 banner, 7 w/bows

Vintage Whirlwind and Pulverizers.

3 Cannons

3 Rockets, 1 unbuilt

2 Hobgoblin bolt throwers, 1 missing wheels (you can just press mould one.)

2 Hellcannons, 1 metal, 1 finecast (painted).

Link with pictures: craigslist | canada

Time of Madness:

Damn $5000! Nicely painted stuff though.

Time of Madness


Nice army.

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5000$ is a lot, but the painting standard seems ace, and there is surely a lot of models.


Nice army but a little bit pricy for my liking … :~



Thanks guys. Two things, the price is in Canadian dollars and it is subject to offers. If you’re interested in some of the lot, let me know. If it big enough, I may break the group up.