[Archive] Big hats, Big noses and big....shoes!


Hi all!

I’ve been lurking for a while so I thought I’d join in and get my vertically challenged overlords online:hat off

I’ll be painting up the CD army that Ive collected over the years, but very slowly (I’ve got exams coming up so mass-painting will have to wait :frowning: ) and converting the bits and pieces I’m missing. I’d hoped to get my test scheme up but Flickr and Photobucket hate me today so it’ll have to wait till tomorrow. So instead I’ll post what I’ve got and what I’ll have to build:

Ready to undercoat:

19 Big Hat Blunderbusses

7 Plastic Big Hats

Death Rocket and Crew

Need some work:

Spare Death Rocket crew - convert into unit leaders/ RPG blunderbuss unit fillers

4 regular dwarves

Pile of very old Greenskins (including Battlemasters models) but no Hobgoblins

I’m OK with conversion work (note: OK, not good at!), I’m putting the finishing touches to a converted Imperial Guard army so the small number of stunties will be a nice contrast :smiley:

You’ve got a nice site here - really useful resource; I look forward to contributing in my own (small, small) way!


sounds great IP… and ambitious, so definitely wait until after exams! we’ve all been there and understand.

but the sooner you get up pictures, the happier we’ll be!

though, I think you mentioned something about shoes… c_c


I’ll be doing a little to let off steam…but yes, mostly revision now (for what seems like the billionth time :sick ).

The scheme’s fairly quick (so I can actually finish the army) but I’d appreciate any C&C on the painting/modelling.

The Warrior is off a White Dwarf; his Big Hat is a notice board pin…not completely sure about it but it is quick and easy…and the shoes? Um, you can’t really tell but I completely resculpted them :wink:


Any big hat is a good big hat I.P. :hat keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

The colour scheme is good - good balance of dark and bright elements, however, your red could use a second coat to make it smoother - there is some dark showing through where the pigments didn’t stay as thick (always a problem with reds and yellows) - the warrior with the axe looks good and the beards are definitely well done.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I like where you’re going with this conversion. I’m wondering if you’re going to change the armour on the Axeman to match the metal mini.


Loki - Thanks :hat off

Border Reiver - I’ll hit it with a second coat; I thought about using the foundation red but its too earthy. I was also thinking repainting the helmet details black to contrast with the red more…hmmm

Tarrakk Blackhand - I’m not sure, I want to avoid as much conversion as possible with the army (famous last words!). The Warrior unit will look different from the blunderbuss units whatever I do…background rationale: this particular Sorcerer’s Warriors all have to buy their own equipment; the wealthier individuals buy scale-mail armour and fight with blunderbusses, the poorer ones make do with chainmail and fight with axes? Or I could just bit the GS bullet x.x

The Bearded-up Heroquest dwarf:


i like the hero quest dwarf that beard looks great :slight_smile: have never seen this mini before how old is he ?


i like the hero quest dwarf that beard looks great :) have never seen this mini before how old is he ?

Its a great game, I used to play it as a kid... So it must be from the late 80s I guess.

Alan the evil:

Hero quest was published in Europe and Australia in 1989 and in North America in 1990

(source: wikipedia) :wink:


Heroquest was a good game; makes me wish there was something like that now. I do get a perverse thrill from using old models, preferably plastic ones, in new armies ;P  - I’ve got some Heroquest Ogres knocking around my beasts of chaos army and Battlemaster greenskins for for the Chaos Dwarves

Warriors of Chaos army (mostly Battlemaster models):



Gosh! Your blunderbusses are xactly my color scheme! They look like mine :o if it wasn’t for the metallic colors I’d say they are mine… impressive! :slight_smile:

I like old hero quest minis. Looking forward for more pictures.


I didn’t realise the beards were such a steal till I looked over your thread again! I’ll keep them subdued though so the Bluebeard clan doesn’t come knocking at my door :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve never like the red scale-mail of the GW Chaos Dwarves…just too bright; dark metal tones the while scheme down more and makes them look more industrial (and evil!)


Not sure about this guy:

Is he too red? I’m going to have to get my foundation red back…4 coats of red over black is getting old!

Kera foehunter:

great bunch of guys, i love the hero quest guy now you gave me an idea

thanks I p


Heroquest was a good game; makes me wish there was something like that now.

I like Descent, thou it takes a bit longer than HeroQuest... http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/17226


Kera - Thanks; that will go a tiny way toward the ideas I’ve got from here!

Tjub - I heard about Decent on the D6 Generation - looks good but that would be a whole other diversion…sounds really good though (like beer and pretzels warhammer) :hat off

I’ve been working in the slave pits but in between brutal lashings whipped this guy up (pun intended)

Warmaster Chaos Dwarf:

He’s shown at scale with 10mm Empire troops so only a little smaller than he should be - a slave to the first person who tells me what model he’s based on!

Kera foehunter:

He baced on Kera evil wicked flying monkey!!

( slave) Please

Hashut’s Blessing:

I was going to guess the mannequin warrior familiar or one of the other warrior familiars , but I think I’m wrong.


BWA Ha HA Ha HA My evil plan comes to fruition…kinda (what do you think of my CD laugh?)

Not an evil flying monkey (!!!) or a familiar; good tries though :hat off

It’s based on a GW model - but not a Warhammer model :idea