[Archive] Big Hats vs Marauder Chaos Dwarfs?

Groznit Goregut:

I always thought that the big hat chaos dwarfs were really cool and really stood out as different from Chaos and from regular dwarfs. I didn’t even know that they had marauder dwarfs before. When I look at what a lot of what people write and convert, they all seem to like the marauder dwarfs instead of the big hat dwarfs. Why is this?


Now this is a very personal things - so everything i say below is my opinion and others will have different ones - but hey thats what makes the world go round

1: Looks

Big hats look like they are wearing lipstick containers on their heads (in fat i know lots of people that call them lipstick dwarves). Marauders look heavily armoured and ready for a ruck

2: Rarity / diversity

Marauders dwarves are a lot rarer and there are a lot more different poses available

3: Sentimentality

I remember the marauder CD miniatures coming out and some of mine are ones i purchased at that time so they hold a place in my heart


I voted for Big Hats. They look better in general, at least to me, then the Marauder ones.

I don’t like the Marauder style, it just puts me off. Now, if you counted the conversions people here have made in the Marauder style? That’s a whole different story… some of those are amazing.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Bighats because they add alot of character and make them stand out. The marauders looked like miniature chaos warriors.


I love the old marauder dwarfs! :cheers

Perhaps cause I collect them till 20 years and I have some of them. I like the huge armour and the mutated ones. :slight_smile:

The big hats are not serious enough, but that´s my opinion. :frowning:

Nonetheless there are excellent painted and converted ones here in the gallery. :hat off

But that´s not “my way”!!!

I think with the CD is it like the women (or men!)… everyone has his own taste and preferences and this is good!!!  :cheers



I’m one of those who actually like both - but I did vote Marauders - mainly because I’m (as Ubertechie put it) a ‘sentimantal old fool’ - and holding a Marauder Chaos Dwarf in you hands - really is something special :smiley:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well, everyone knows what I am in favour of. But I’m also known to be very tolerant towards other styles, as long as they are chaos dwarfy.


I also like the new Hellcannon mask style, though I do love the hats the most. I still plan on doing Mask style.

But I’m also known to be very tolerant towards other styles, as long as they are chaos dwarfy.

Ishkur Cinderhat
Very true, that’s more important! Plus, just about everyone here makes amazing versions of whatever style they choose.


Ok, so this is essentially Hats vs Helms? I like both aesthetically, but I think Hats stand out more amongst the other Warhammer armies. Helms and plate armour basically make us look like: chaos and regular dwarves, so I think we need more distinction, hence my support for hats.


Hats, because they don’t look like midgets in Chaos armour.

Pyro Stick:

I like both. As some of you may know, i have every marauder chaos dwarf (doubles of the xbowman and 4 mages woo!!). But i also have about 3000 points of big hats. I cant vote for marauders on the basis of being ‘a sentimental old fool’ because im only 18. I think ill vote for big hats because those are the models that got me into chaos dwarfs in the first place, particularly the blunderbuss.

The marauders looked like miniature chaos warriors.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer
Thats because the mm90 chaos dwarfs are based on the marauder chaos warriors. So each dwarf has his own chaos warrior counterpart.


The discussions been had, but why not include the option for people who like both? The two aren’t mutually exclusive (see my army blog)


Personally I like hats and tusks. The marauder ones are cool too and the masked ones on the Hell Cannon crew are OK. But when I put my Big Hats on the table people know they aren’t regular dwarves. :hat

I don’t care for the masks because they hide the tusks that shows they were mutated by the Winds of Chaos that I believe Old Ones unleashed onto the world. :hashut

Ghrask Dragh:

Well I’m all for Chaos Dwarfs in any way shape or form. My creed is listed as Hats, Masks and Helms :hashut

Actually for the first time since I traded my big-hats I found myself thinking ‘I would like to get a unit of those guys’ when I was looking at pyro’s collection of them earlier on… but I got over it :smiley:

For me, if I had to choose, it would be Marauder everytime. I think they have a much better image, alot more quirky and full of character, excellent mini’s along with the Marauder WoC they were based on. The whole Marauder range fits my style and taste in miniatures, best Dragon Ogres ever!!

EDIT: I think it’s good to have another one of these every now and again to see how tastes are changing or staying the same as time goes on. I can definetly think of a time not too long ago where Marauders might have won this but as the poll stands now we are getting our ass kicked :smiley: :wink:

Groznit Goregut:

Well, everyone knows what I am in favour of.

Ishkur Cinderhat
Actually, that's not true! I am totally new and have no idea.


Marauder FTW! :wink:

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Interesting comments on how Marauders look like mini Warriors of chaos (to me and it is MY opinion that I realise may not be shared) that is exactly what they should look like.

CD’s make Chaos Armour for chaos warriors - why wouldn’t they wear it themselves (dwarfs make full plate for the empire and still wear it (as gromril) themselves) plus the site of 125 fully armoured (none of this pansy leather leggings and chainmail rubbish) chaos dwarves on the table is fantastic and they look suitably mean and ready for business. Although that said i would (and i am sure its the case of everyone here be equally proud to field my own or anyone else’s CD army be it hats, helms or masks as every army posted on here looks fantastic in its own right

Kera foehunter:

the only hats i like are pirate hats!!

Marauders the are just plain freaks so i vote for them


Sorry, I like Marauder Chaos Dwarfs.

Ghrask Dragh:

I nearly got my hands on the Chaos Sorcerer the Marauder Mage was based on, I just missed out though, still on the lookout (If anyone has a spare one or one you want to get rid of :wink: :cheers)

10 - 9 as it stands :smiley: