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hey there all,

i just noticed a post by torn in one of the other threads about how the magority of peaple are doing masks nowadays, and so i thought this seamed like an appropriate time to post up my new chaos dwarfs. thats right i have converted to big hats and i realy couldn’t be happier with how they are looking.

well… im pleased with them bgut what do you all think?

here is a pic of my old dwarfs for comparison

im looking at casting the bodies same as ishkur has but am finding it difficult to find materials

is there anyone else on the forum other than ishkur and kyte who have a knowledge of casting at all?

peace out


woo big hats!

i got all my molding and casting stuff from EMA models, but i am not yet great at it, and i found that it takes me less time to do the conversion than actually making a few, molding them and casting them. of course im sure with practice this gets a lot easier. I also decided i wanted every hat to be different.

i really like the way your beards are squiggling down.


OH yeah baby! These are some nice big hats. I like the subtle curves on the hat. I haven’t quite gotten that down on my hat conversions, well, maybe the one, but on the rest the hats end up cylindrical, rather than slightly conical. I like 'em!!

Just need some decorations on them I think!


Looking excellent. Well done on the sculpting, you should take a cue from Ishkur and cast those torsos!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Aye, though I can understand that sculpting beards is something one can get easily addicted to. I always found it to be quite fun. :slight_smile: Will you do something about the shields, i.e. getting rid of those ugly Dawi symbols and put on something proper, like a bull’s head or skull images? ^^


For Big Hats… awesome job! Have some slaves to help!


Haha Willmark!

Good job I like your conversions, the nose and the teeth are your trademarks, love it.


cheer for the comments everyone, just decided that there was something far too chaos dwarf’y about big hats and after realising this i just couldn’t continue leaving mine without. im also now using the dwarfs regiment set and although im a great fan of the cheapness of the bfsp i cannot tell you enough how much better these are (being more dynamic & poseable etc.). and for big hats this is true again.

looking at the bfsp models i think it wqould be rather difficult to sculpt hats onto them.

@ ishkur- as for the shields i will be changing them, in the pic i had just blue tacked the models together and so grabbed whichever shields where closest to hand. do you not think there is something very dawi zharr about one of them (one of the ones with a face on)?

@ vexxus- i am realy pleased with the nose and teeth on these models i think i can see a big improvement from my origional CD’s where the teeth looked too large and triangular

thanx again

peace out

Hashut’s Blessing:

Wow. These look brilliant. Not that your original models didn’t. If you do start casting these, I may need to inquire about purchasing some :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But, the hats have come out well as have the noses, moustaches, beards, teeth and lips. As for the shields, the axe one can be Choas Dwarf, the anvil could probably, but I think it’d need to be somewhat different still. As for the face one, add grooves into the beard and, if possible, change the helmet into a hat. Still, looking good and I can;t wait to see them all painted up and joining your other models.


They look good for big hats, however i hate hats (and big helms that look like hats[stupid highelves])

which is why all my CDs have plain helms

but they look good


are those pushpins from like a tack board as the top of those hats?


yer they are push pins i quite like them as them a base for big hats as they giv something syurdy to model against and give a nice uniform finish to the bit at the top.


yeah u used those but the ones i had were too big and had to be cut off :frowning:

not sure where i got the idea from someone on here was already doing it. for all my other styles of hat i just used putty, copying a few of the different styles from the 5th editions, you should have a go its quite good fun, and adds a bit of variety.


im quite annoyed as i hav realized i’ve run out of those push pins now… and the only ones i can find in the shops round here have a different top bit lol… oh well

i am still thinking about what to do with the hats, 2 of my heros have arrows on theirs but i dont know weather to just leave them plain

Kera foehunter:

those are some of the best cd beards* Kera takes notes on beards


cheers kera, they’re nothing special though just follow the basic principles. i learnt everything i know off of this forum (well not everything of course, school college and uni did that, but everything CD releated)


Face and beard skills awesome abyss :hat off hooray for bighats hope you find more of the right pins and continue on with them they really look good:hat


Awesome work! another way of getting the uniform finish to big hats is to take some palstic rod and cut it into thin discs. Cut the dwarf helmet leaving a rim for the bottom of the hat (as you have)then whack a small sausage of GS and stick one of the discs on top. When the sausage is dry take more GS and sculpt the bit in between. It’s cheaper and easier than push pins and you don’t take the risk of the shop running out of the ones you’re using.


Awesome job, one major flaw - lack of paint!!



very nice hats, now all they need is scale male