[Archive] Bits box OCD


So, just in the process of clearing out all my boxes full of used sprues and stripping them of any bit of plastic that may be useful at some point in the far future…

I just can’t bring myself to throw away my pile of 40 goblin spear arms or my vast amount of various shields!

You never know when you might need that arm that has already had it’s weapon snipped of either…

How many of you guys have issues like this? Why not post a photo of your bits box or piles of half used sprues?

Vardan Painkiller:

I cant provide picture, but i never throw away bits, i convert way too much.


Throw away bitz? There’s people doing that? Why?? Oh whyyyy???

Let me assure you I have vast amounts of bitz lying around. Not in the least because I’ve had a habit of buying random bitz lots “for fun”.


I even keep the sprue as that is great stuf to sculpt or convert with. It takes in a lot op space…


I probably have about 60 sprues with bitz on. Many years ago I split a lot of the bits into armies and put each into a plastic tray in a large holder thing. A good idea at the time but I need to have a major sort out as loads of stuff is just filling up a shoe box.


This concept of sprues and left over arms, and photos of piled up plastic is a little foreign to me. As an “old lead head” 95% - 99% of my minis are metal/lead. I do have some plastic minis, but most of these were purchased 2nd hand and so no sprues were attached. I have a hard time storing my current collection let alone any sprues.

@MLP (and others) Good luck with the sprue situation.

Da Crusha:

I have around 7 or 8 bits boxes and these boxes are have about 24 or so adjustable compartments each. I use them to keep bits separate, but when new bits come in I often start combining.


No pics sorry but I have like three draws filled with sprues and bags with bits in, constantly buy little bits from Hoard O Bits love that shop.

Kera foehunter:

A picture would not give you the total of all of my bits. there every where…

in boxes mark what armys they are …

and then there the box that has the odd and ends it huge :slight_smile: