[Archive] Bits List


In that I’m very new to CDs, I see many, many good ideas throughout the forums that involve using many different bits.

I was wondering if I could request from some of you what some of the bits that you most use for things like weapons, arms, shields, decorative bits, masks, and hats are?

I know that a lot of you do list these in your army blogs and as much as I love reading through them, sometimes 14 pages of blog is tedious to go through when all I want to know is what that ONE bit was.

If you’re REALLY ambitious, it would be extremely helpful if you could also post a picture or two of the bit in use for a visual reference. I see a lot of Chaos bits in use, but personally I don’t know a lot about Chaos, so visual reference would be a big plus as well.

I think this thread could prove useful for everyone for their armies and be a great reference for those who need some ideas for what bits to use for what without having to surf for an extended period of time.

Thanks in advance to all of those who participate.


to make my slavers i use dwarf miners. the champion arm holding the pick forward is a great position for whips, and the goblin in a cage makes a cool slaver trophy. they also have lots of nifty bitz to add to things like death rockets. plus, the rock drill makes good bolt throwers(i yanked this idea from i dont remember who).

Kera foehunter:

Well i use mostly 6.0 dwarfs they will match up with chaos marurder chest i aso use the chaos marauder arms. dwarf weapons and some chaos warrior weapon chaos warriors helmets.

on some of my new stuff i use 6.5 dwarfs and more greenstuff.


The gut plates from Ogres make excellent shields.

My advice would be to have a look through the conversion section

(http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=12) and when you see something you like just ask them how they did it.